We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve got a group to feed. Maybe you’re hosting the entire extended household for a day. Perhaps friends space visiting from out of town, and you need to come up with a method to feed them all. Or maybe you’re throwing a graduation party, baby shower or some various other celebratory event that is going to call for a most food.

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In cases like this, you have actually a pair of options. If you’re brave, you can attempt to chef for them all. If they’re every willing to pay for themselves, you deserve to pile into a couple of cars and also head to the nearest restaurant you deserve to all agree on. However if neither of those choices seems to be viable, what must you do?

The prize is basic — order pizza because that the entirety crowd. Few foods room as universally appealing together pizza or as quickly customizable to fit broad ranges the tastes and preferences. No matter just how many human being you need to feed, pizza can usually it is in customized to fit everyone. Finest of all, many pizza places will provide straight to your door, an interpretation you don’t need to miss a moment of your party or get-together.

However, notified pizza for a large group have the right to be a an obstacle if you’ve only ever ordered for you yourself before. Just how much pizza do you need for a group? What type of toppings must you pick to you re welcome everyone? and also how carry out you conserve money on pizza because that a group?

There’s naught worse than running the end of pizza mid-party, for this reason it’s vital to order sufficient so that none of her guests leave your gathering hungry. In ~ the same time, you don’t desire to go overboard because, also though cold pizza makes for a fun breakfast the following day, girlfriend don’t desire to be on a strictly pizza diet all week simply to get rid of the leftovers.

To prevent dramatically under or overestimating just how much pizza to order for a party, it’s typically finest to follow the 3/8 rule: just multiply the number of guests by 3/8.

But, just like any kind of other rule, there are exceptions. We’re below to assist you answer this questions and others through our perform of tips for ordering pizza because that a group of people.

How to Calculate just how Much Pizza come Buy because that a Group

This deserve to seem like an extremely intimidating question. After ~ all, aren’t there every kinds that variables? You need to consider:

How many people there space in her groupHow many of those world are kidsHow many of them will only eat one pieceHow numerous can it is in counted upon come eat part after part after slice

All of this are components when friend order pizza because that a group. The great news is yes actually some pretty straightforward math that can assist you figure out the answer come this inquiry with a fair amount the accuracy.


Simple math to Calculate exactly how Much Pizza come Purchase

As we stated before, the easiest means to calculate how much pizza you’ll require for your team is to monitor the 3/8 rule. Here’s the reasoning behind that rule: Most medium pizzas are reduced into eight slices uneven otherwise requested. Therefore, each slice comprises 1/8 that the pizza. Due to the fact that the average hungry human eats 3 slices the pizza, it complies with that girlfriend must merely multiply the variety of guests by 3/8. The result number will be the number of pizzas you should order.

If the answer walk not job-related out to it is in a whole number, mental to round up. And also if you ever uncover yourself in doubt, the ideal thing to perform is to ring up. It’s always far better to have actually too much instead of too little. After all, it will certainly still taste simply as great the following day.

Of course, the equation can be adjusted slightly together necessary. If her party is composed entirely the children, they will likely not eat three slices of pizza apiece. The mean child will eat 2 slices. And if your party is composed entirely of teenage boys or rather with big appetites, mean them come eat four slices every on average. Adjust the equation as required to fit her party.

But, let’s it is in honest, it’s tough to focus on math when you’re hungry. Luckily, our pizza professionals came up v a an easy pizza calculator come use when ordering pizza because that a party.

10 human being = 4 Pizzas15 human being = 6 Pizzas20 world = 8 Pizzas30 world = 12 Pizzas50 world = 19 Pizzas

Use these guidelines to simplify placing orders for a huge group and also make pizza party planning a breeze. And if math has actually never to be your strong suit and also you simply want come make certain the math is correct, enter her numbers right into this widget to help you out.
Note the this equation is to plan to work with tool pizzas cut into eight slices. If she ordering little pizzas, these commonly consist of six slices, while big pizzas covers 10 and also extra huge consist of 12.

Don’t forget to account for part style, such together thin crust, deep-dish, stuffed, etc. Depending upon density, some varieties of pizza can be an ext or less filling and also require part adjustments to her calculations.

What room the ideal Toppings to Order for a Group?


If yes one point it seems choose no ever before agrees on, the pizza toppings. There seems to be no escaping the raging debate about pineapple top top pizza, and also even toppings as straightforward as mushrooms or olives deserve to be a suggest of contention. So how have the right to you make certain to order some selection of pizza that will certainly please everyone?

The first thing to perform is learn whether or not any kind of of your guests have dietary restrictions. Because that example, is anyone allergy to certain foods? Is everyone on a distinct diet, such together vegetarian or gluten-free? If this is the case, stimulate a unique pizza or half a pizza for this individual and make certain it is collection aside for them. This way, it i will not ~ be accidentally consumed by some various other hungry guest.

After that’s been decided, here are several strategies to shot when it come to selecting pizza toppings.

1. Try Taking a basic Poll

Ask her guests what they would like. Many guests will certainly be polite and also say something like, “Anything is fine with me.” However, one or two guests space sure come announce your dislike that one or 2 toppings, and also this deserve to be helpful.

Of course, the many reliable means to ensure girlfriend order the ideal kinds the pizza for your party is come ask her guests which kinds they’d prefer. However, sometimes, your team is too huge to individually poll everybody. In that case, use these stats on the average American’s favorite pizza toppings to aid your decision-making process:

Pepperoni: 36%Sausage: 14%Mushrooms: 11%Other: 10%Cheese: 8%Chicken: 7%Beef: 4%Onions and also Olives: 3% eachPeppers, Tomatoes and also Anchovies: 2% each

As you can see, the top 10 most popular pizza toppings in the United states are pepperoni, sausage and also mushrooms. Save in mind, however, that most renowned doesn’t always mean many group-friendly.

Although level cheese doesn’t rank the high, it’s tho a reliable order for hosting big groups due to the fact that most will resolve for cheese if lock don’t like any kind of of the various other toppings available.

2. Think about Ordering prior to Your guest Arrive

While polling your guests is one strategy, one more strategy is to order prior to the guests even arrive. This way, you avoid any potential disagreements that may arise over pizza toppings. If you pick this route, shot sticking v cheese, pepperoni and also veggie pizzas in a ratio of 2:1:1.

3. Avoid any Controversial Toppings

Steer away from things like pineapple, olives or anchovies. Stop these ingredients, especially if you feeding a party of children unless they’ve expressed a desire for these ingredients.

When she trying to decide what toppings room the many group-friendly, your ideal bet is to go through boring but inoffensive toppings. Yes, a level cheese or pepperoni pizza may not sound exciting, yet they are acceptable to most people. And yes, a bacon and also pineapple pizza sounds choose a most fun, yet you may be left with 3 bacon and also pineapple pizzas due to the fact that no one want to eat lock — which means many people will walk hungry. Once it concerns trying to please everyone, stick to the basics.

4. Shot to Compromise

If you’re still having trouble deciding i beg your pardon toppings would be ideal for your team of guests, take into consideration going half-and-half on few of the pies. Most pizza places enable you come order toppings on just one half of the pizza, and also you may be able to offer your party people more topping choices by splitting up pies. Offering the largest selection of toppings feasible increases the opportunities that every human at your party will have the ability to find at least one kind of pizza lock like.

As always, when dealing with big groups, it may be tough to please everyone v your pizza topping selections. Save in mind that it is an extremely easy for guests to choose off toppings they don’t like. So nothing sweat this detail too much.


How to save Money ~ above Pizza for a big Group

If she hosting a pizza party, you should take into consideration ways to decrease your costs. Most of united state aren’t do of money, and also we’re constantly looking for ways to conserve a couple of dollars. Here are a few of our favorite tips that can aid you cut back on few of your pizza expenses:

1. Order the largest Size the Pizza

This is basic math. The rate at which the dimension of a pizza increases is higher than the rate at i m sorry the price increases. In various other words, one extra-large pizza will definitely cost much more than one tiny pizza. But ordering enough small pizzas to feeding thirty world will expense much much more than ordering sufficient extra-large pizzas to feed thirty people. It’s practically always more cost-effective to pick the biggest option available.

2. Shop approximately for the ideal Pizza Deals

Maybe you’re used to always going to the pizza shop just approximately the corner. That delicious, and it might be a little bit pricey, however you commonly buy only for yourself, so what does the matter?

However, it have the right to get really expensive to unexpectedly order a entirety stack of pizzas indigenous this place. Instead, find the web for pizza restaurants near you and look at their prices. Ask friend for their recommendations, making sure to clarify that you’re trying to find affordable prices. If friend ask her friends because that recommendations, always take your advice with a serial of salt — your idea that affordable might be various than yours.

3. Look because that Bargains

When it involves shopping for options, this doesn’t just apply to the restaurants themselves. Search for the ideal deals together well:

Browse pizza shop websites for specials and also coupons. View if lock offer group discounts or deals.Browse the web for coupons. A an easy online search for coupons or promo codes that might apply to your order can score you a good deal.The much more pizza friend order, the an ext likely you space to save a an excellent amount the money. If her pizza party is not going to be an extremely large, don’t count on finding numerous applicable deals.If you want to it is in the first to know around special transaction at her favorite pizza chain or neighborhood shop, sign up because that their email promotions, so you never miss out on a possibility to conserve on pizza.

You never recognize what you might find simply due to the fact that you took the moment to look for it. Who knows what can turn increase if girlfriend poke approximately a little?

4. Ask everyone to Chip in because that the price of the Pizza

This is a matter of preference. It’s feasible you’re hosting this party, and also you would never ever dream of asking for assist in paying for the food. However in numerous situations, it’s completely acceptable and even expected to ask for some help. Ask your guests to every chip in a couple of dollars or every little thing they have the right to afford. This permits everyone to share in the cost and also prevents the load of payment from falling directly on any one individual.

5. Opt because that Pick-Up instead of Delivery

Every pizzeria and also pizza shop will have its own policy ~ above this, for this reason be sure to perform your research prior to you commit come anything. In most cases, however, delivery expenses extra. Come cut costs a bit, journey to the pizza shop to pick up her food rather of having actually it ceded to you. If you carry out decide to have actually it delivered, nothing forget to calculate money for a tip into your last tally.

6. Compare Pricing choices to Catering

Some pizza restaurants market catering options. When this choice isn’t the right one because that everyone, it have the right to be the perfect solution for some parties. Part restaurants and also pizza shops might offer special group deals or packages the make catering an ext attractive and affordable. You have the right to also set out her parameters through the pizza caterer front of time, meaning you have actually less come worry about on the day of the party.

7. Think about Quality vs. Quantity

Ultimately, you acquire what you pay for. As much as we all love a good deal, keep in mind the you commonly won’t find a cheaper alternative than a large chain pizza provider. Decide whether it’s more important to assistance your favorite neighborhood pizza shop or conserve some money by ordering from the cheapest resource available.


Other Tips for Ordering Pizza because that a group of People

A couple of more pizza ordering tips the don’t necessarily fall into any kind of category we’ve disputed so much include:

If you arrangement to stimulate the pizza the day before the party and also have it booked to be delivered at a specific time the following day, get specific guest list. Over there will constantly be a couple of people that say they “might” come. Check out if you can get them to provide you a directly answer. If there is any type of doubt, i think they will certainly come. Order your pizza based upon this guest list. Remember the it’s far better to have too lot than as well little.Pay close fist to who you’re serving. Your guest list might include 50 people, but notice who these civilization are. How plenty of are youngsters who get distracted through the fun of the party and also won’t sit still come eat? How countless are vegans who won’t eat pizza? every one of these points will influence how countless pizzas you should order.Remember that our pizza ordering proposal are just that — suggestions. You know your team best, so don’t be fear to think external the box. Because that example, if you know a big portion of her guests will certainly be vegans, shot ordering a pizza made through vegan ingredients.Try come optimize your options. We understand it’s difficult to believe, however not everyone loves pizza. So even though it’s a pizza party, try to administer some side options like salad, sandwiches or also dessert to make sure everyone goes home with a satisfied stomach.Figure points out front of time. If you going to ask her guests to chip in for the pizza, ask them beforehand. Don’t merely pass a hat roughly at the party, since couple of people are most likely to have cash ~ above them. Furthermore, human being may it is in flustered come be put on the spot.If you’re getting your pizza delivered, it can be helpful to calculation the price ahead of time. This enables you the moment to include up how much a proper tip should be.With so plenty of electronic payment options easily accessible nowadays, it might be easiest for one person to merely pay for the entire order and also then request money from the various other guests because that their part of the bill.Paying virtually also gives girlfriend the chance to change how lot each human contributes, depending on how much they eat come ensure the the inspect is separated fairly. For example, guests can send the hold a dollar for each slice they eat. That course, this could also be excellent in cash, yet it’s not likely that most human being will have sufficient bills on them.In addition to thinking ahead about the payment method, take into consideration the time of your pizza order. Shot to time her order simply right, so the pizza arrives early on enough that world aren’t waiting approximately hungry, yet close enough to her party’s begin time the it’s still steaming when served. Picking to cater may ease this tension by enabling you to talk about details of time in advancement with your caterer.


Let Giordano’s Cater your Pizza Party

Looking because that a pizza ar to offer up the delicious, mouth-watering taste the will have actually your guest coming ago for an ext slices? try Giordano’s stuffed deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. Us consistently top “best pizza” perform in and also around the Chicago area and also have been dazzling guests through our yes, really taste for years.

We sell a wide range of toppings the will carry out something for all of your guests. Not only that, however we also offer a menu that extends past pizza and consists of sandwiches, salads, pasta and other Italian dishes. We’re finest known for our sit-down restaurant experience, yet that’s no all us offer. We also administer pickup or shipment for your convenience, and also we have a catering option as well.


If she in the Chicago area and also looking to organize a fabulous pizza party, we desire to be a component of it. Once you’ve effectively used ours pizza calculator to number out how countless pizzas you’ll require for your party, call Giordano’s catering to ar an order.

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And if catering no a part of her plan, nothing forget the our tasty pizzas room also obtainable for delivery and also make a great choice for maintaining your guest happy and also well-fed. Search because that a Giordano’s location near you today.