There are times as soon as it helps to know how plenty of words per page you"re writing. If a basic guideline is one web page is 500 native (single spaced) or 250 native (double spaced), this is a ballpark figure. The fact is the variety of words per page depends on a range of determinants such as the form of font, the font size, spacing elements, margin spacing, and paragraph length to surname a few. If it"s not feasible to take right into all these determinants when estimating how numerous words per web page there will be for her writing, this calculator can provide a more accurate indigenous per page conversion estimate 보다 the usual 250/500 ballpark figure.

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The calculator is able to provide a more accurate conversion by taking right into account an ext specific information. Because that example, girlfriend can pick from a different range of common fonts to generate an estimate:

Arial Calibri Comic Sans ms Courier Times brand-new Roman Verdana

You can then choose your preferred spacing native the following options:

solitary spaced 1.5 spaced twin spaced

Finally, friend can choose your wanted font size: 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14.

By using these three options to more accurately define your writing, the indigenous per web page calculator should carry out a better estimate top top how countless words you should write to fill a page. In opposing direction, the can give a much more accurate estimate of how countless pages girlfriend have produced if girlfriend only know the word count.

While we make every effort to make our calculators as exact as possible, the outcomes won"t it is in perfect. This converter addresses some worries to administer a an ext accurate estimate, but in the end, it"s tho an estimate. Other problems such together margin an are and paragraph length will likely an outcome in part variation native the calculations given. The being said, that should carry out a more accurate point out of the number of pages a specific word count will certainly be and the number of words per web page you form when compared to the general preeminence of thumb.

For general information, the following are calculations utilizing 12-point Arial font, dual spaced:

How plenty of pages is 500 words? 500 native is about 1.8 pages.How many pages is 750 words? 750 words is approximately 2.7 pages.How many pages is 1,000 words? 1,000 native is about 3.7 pages.How numerous pages is 1,250 words? 1,250 native is approximately 4.6 pages.How many pages is 1,500 words? 1,500 indigenous is approximately 5.5 pages.How plenty of pages is 2,000 words? 2,000 words is roughly 7.3 pages.How countless pages is 2,500 words? 2,500 indigenous is roughly 9.1 pages.How numerous pages is 3,000 words? 3,000 native is about 11 pages.How numerous pages is 4,000 words? 4,000 indigenous is around 14.6 pages.How numerous pages is 5,000 words? 5,000 words is about 18.3 pages.How many pages is 7,500 words? 7,500 native is about 27.4 pages.How countless pages is 10,000 words? 10,000 indigenous is approximately 36.5 pages.

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How plenty of words are in one page? over there are around 450 indigenous in one page.How numerous words are in two pages? over there are around 900 indigenous in 2 pages.How numerous words room in 3 pages? over there are roughly 1350 indigenous in three pages.How numerous words are in four pages? there are roughly 1800 words in 4 pages.How plenty of words space in 5 pages? over there are about 2250 words in 5 pages.How countless words room in ten pages? over there are about 4500 words in ten pages.How countless words are in 15 pages? there are approximately 6750 indigenous in 15 pages.How plenty of words space in 25 pages? over there are about 11250 native in 25 pages.How countless words space in 50 pages? there are approximately 22500 words in 50 pages.How numerous words room in 100 pages? there are approximately 45000 indigenous in 100 pages.