You may think that writing a 4000 indigenous essay is a complicated and time-consuming process, however your task isn’t that challenging, as might seem. Whether you space preparing a college work, or you have some an important research come finish, you need to be wonder how many pages is 4000 words?

Well, this question depends on various factors, and if you desire to finish your job-related on time, then we are going come share some tips and also trick through you, and how to do the word count.

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The number of pages

This is among the most frequently asked questions, how numerous pages is 4000 words? Well, the shortest answer would certainly be, 8 pages solitary spaced and also 16 pages dual spaced. Together you have the right to see 4000 indigenous is straightforward to write, as lengthy as you have an idea and a clear structure.

But, us should mention that this rule uses to the times new roman, 12-point font. If you adjust the layout or the font size, climate the variety of words will boost as well. A 4000 words writing assignment is offered in high schools and colleges and requires significant dedication and can it is in time-consuming if you no prepared.

Why is Microsoft native the ideal word counting tool?

When typing in Microsoft word, you have finish control over the number of words, and also the variety of characters. You can change font, style and correct her mistakes quickly. Every little thing is one click away as soon as written in this software.

This is probably one that the reasons, why native is for this reason favorite about the world. World can monitor your word and also correct mistakes as they write. It features autocorrect option, so there is no chance to do a mistake through words or spelling.

You have the right to use this writing software to count the words, and also it can also be adjusted to 1.5 spaced format. Us should point out other formats, a student choose to compose in APA format, and also apply it to your work, and also some authors usage it in a book.

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So, let’s examine out the word count and how numerous pages you will have.

Number the WordsPages solitary SpacedPages dual Spaced
250 words½ page1 page
300 words⅔ page1⅓ pages
400 words⅘ page1⅗ pages
500 words1 page2 pages
600 words1⅓ page2⅔ pages
750 words1½ pages3 pages
800 words1⅗ pages3⅕ pages
1000 words2 pages4 pages
1200 words2⅖ pages4⅘ pages
1500 words3 pages6 pages
2000 words4 pages8 pages
2500 words5 pages10 pages
3000 words6 pages12 pages
3500 words7 pages14 pages
4000 words8 pages16 pages
5000 words10 pages20 pages
6000 words12 pages24 pages
7500 words15 pages30 pages
8000 words16 pages32 pages
10000 words20 pages40 pages