Athenos traditional Chunk Feta Cheese is make simply and with respect because that the ingredients. This classic feta cheese calls for extra time and also care to produce the perfect creamy, tangy taste girlfriend love. The chunk-style feta cheese block is easy to cut into the dimension you need for your dish and is an excellent for rapid meal-prep. Sprinkle this cheese end Mediterranean feta pizza, add it come a quinoa feta salad, or use it for contrasting structure and included flavor in her favorite spinach feta dip. This classic Greek feta cheese is packaged in one easy-to-open 8 ounce bath tub that can be resealed to assist lock in flavor.

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• One 8.0 oz. Bath tub of Athenos classic Chunk Feta Cheese

• Athenos timeless Chunk Feta Cheese is make the traditional means for quality and also consistency

• Feta cheese is creamy and tangy

• Chunk cheese is straightforward to slice and also crumble

• Made through pasteurized part skim milk

• use on pizza, salad, focaccia and more

• Airtight, resealable packaging help lock in flavor


Pasteurized Part-skim Milk, Cheese Culture, Salt, Enzymes


Contains: milk.


Keep Refrigerated.

Nutrition Facts

Serving dimension 1.00 oz
Servings every Container around 8
Amount per ServingCalories 70
% daily ValueTotal Fat 6g9%daily valueTotal FatSaturated Fat 3.5g18%daily valueTotal FatTrans Fat 0gCholesterol 20mg7%daily valueSodium 340mg14%daily valueTotal Carbohydrate 1g0%daily valueTotal CarbohydrateDietary Fiber 0g0%daily valueTotal CarbohydrateSugars 0gProtein 5g
Percent everyday Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

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Is Athenos traditional Feta Cheese Chunk gluten-free?
No, Athenos classic Feta Cheese Chunk is no gluten-free.

How numerous calories space in Athenos traditional Feta Cheese Chunk?
Athenos classic Feta Cheese Chunk has actually 70.0 calories.

How numerous carbs room in Athenos timeless Feta Cheese Chunk?
Athenos timeless Feta Cheese Chunk has 1.0 carbs.

How lot sugar is in Athenos timeless Feta Cheese Chunk?
Athenos timeless Feta Cheese Chunk has actually 0.0 grams the sugar.

How lot fat is in Athenos traditional Feta Cheese Chunk?
Athenos classic Feta Cheese Chunk has actually 6.0 grams that fat.

How much sodium is in Athenos traditional Feta Cheese Chunk?
Athenos classic Feta Cheese Chunk has actually 340.0 grams of sodium.
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