The federal Aviation administration (FAA) enable you to load 5 liters that alcohol in between 24% ABV and also 70% ABV in your confirm bag.

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But just how much is 5 liters the alcohol? and what can you take in your bag?

Most wine and also beer is under 24% and also you can take as much as you choose in your confirm bag. Here is the typical strengths of alcohol to repeat you.

Beer 4% – 7%Wine 10% – 15%Sherry/Port ~ 20%Schnapps 15% – 20%Liquor is typically 35% – 50%

So we have the right to see the the 5 liter FAA preeminence usually only really uses to liquor.

How much Does 5 Liters the Alcohol Weigh?

5 liters is 5000 ml. 5 liters is 1.3 gallons.

5 liters weighs just over 11 lbs. In fact, 5 liters it’s 11.025 lbs.

Your checked luggage could have a weight border of 50 lbs. So 5 liters of alcohol would usage 22% of your weight allowance.

Your instance itself more than likely weight one more 9 lbs or 18% of your weight allowance.

Or, if girlfriend were utilizing the metric system, you could say that 5 liters sweet 5 kg.

How lot Is 5 Liters In Ounces?

There room 169.07 fluid ounces in 5 liters…

But maybe it will assist if I simply tell you how many bottles that liquor you can bring.

How many Bottles of Liquor In 5 Liters?

A 5th is a party of liquor that is 25.4 oz or 750 ml.

5000 ml split by 750 ml way that friend can lug 6.66 conventional bottles that liquor top top a plane in your checked luggage.

So that’s 6 fifths (750ml) and also you’ll still have room for a half bottle too!

How numerous Bottles Of wine In 5 Liters?

A party of wine is likewise 750 ml.

But remember most wine is reduced strength 보다 24%. For this reason you deserve to take as lot wine in your confirm luggage as you have space for. Remember come watch your weight, those alcohol bottles are heavy and you might go over the airline weight limit.

If you want to continue to be under 5 liters quiet you’d be able to carry 6 party of wine.

How numerous Glasses Of wine In 5 Liters?

The standard size glass of alcohol is 5 oz or 150 ml. Friend can get 33 glasses of wine from 5 liters.

Don’t drink them every at once!

How plenty of Beers In 5 Liters?

A constant can the beer is 12 oz.

So 5 liters of beer would be 14 constant can. Or it would be 10 pint cans.

But psychic beer is just usually about 5% ABV. So the FAA rule doesn’t apply to beer.

You deserve to happily take it as much beer in your checked instance as you can fit!

But again, keep a close eye top top the weight of your suitcase and remember come leave an are for some clothes!

The Verdict

The 5 liters dominion only really applied to liquor and also you deserve to take 6 standard-sized 750 ml bottles of liquor in your confirm luggage.

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Keep in psychic if you room importing castle you have to declare the you have the bottles once you land.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection allows you to income 1 liter duty-free and you’d should pay duty top top the other 4 liters at approximately $2- $3 per bottle.

Happy packing!