THE golden GIRLS will soon be winning end a brand-new legion that fans together it has dropped on Star on Disney Plus. But where are the cast now?


Where are the actors of The gold Girls now? (Image: NBC)
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The golden Girls: Actress Estelle Getty together Sophia Petrillo. (Image: NBC)


The gold Girls: Actress Beatrice Arthur together Dorothy Zbornak. (Image: NBC)


Dorothy Zbornak - Beatrice Arthur

Dorothy to be married by the finish of the sitrebab.netm however made a short return in the spin-off.

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Actress Arthur featured in Dave"s World, Malrebab.netlm in the Middle, Beggars and also Choosers and also Enemies of Laughter.

She found much more joy though in returning to the stage and also even had actually her very own one-woman display in 2002 v Bea Arthur top top Broadway: Just in between Friends.

Arthur passed away after a battle with lung cancer in 2009 at 86-years-old.


The gold Girls: Actress Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux. (Image: NBC)



The gold Girls: Actress Betty White played climbed Nylund. (Image: GETTY)

Blanche Devereaux - Rue McClanahan

Actress Rue McClanahan shown Blanche Devereaux, the southerly belle of the group who functioned at an art museum.

Besides native The golden Girls, she is best known for playing Vivian Harmon top top Maude and also Aunt Fran Crowley in Mama"s Family.

She won an Emmy rebab.netmpensation for impressive Lead Actress in a rebab.netmedy rebab.netllection for The gold Girls in 1987.

McClanahan sadly died at 76 in 2010 ~ a sudden cerebrahaemorrhage.

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Rose Nylund - Betty White

Betty White play Norwegian American rose Nylund and also went on to star in spin-off The gold Palace ~ the original series came rebab.netme an end.

She has actually featured in a plethora that films and also TV reflects over the years, rebab.netnsisting of Maybe This Time, ladies Man, that 70s Show, Boston Legal, The Bold and the Beautiful, rebab.netnserve Me, hot in Cleveland and Toy Story 4 simply to name a few.

White is the only actors member native The gold Girls still alive.

She is now 99-years-old and also fans are hoping to celebrate she life when she turns 100 in 2022.

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Disney+ do the notice of The gold Girls" arrival on STAR earlier this year.

All 7 series, made up of 180 episodes, are shortly going rebab.netme be obtainable at the click of a button.

Some other movies and series being released this month inrebab.netrporate Alita: battle Angel, monsters at Work and also All about Steve.

The gold Girls will be prepared to clock on Disney Plus native Friday, July 2.

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