There’s no doubt around it – the Beatles room the most significant rock and roll band of every time. Your catchy beats, kind lyrics, and also decade-appropriate fashion make them superstars during their time, and also time hasn’t dimmed your power.

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Not every member the the tape is still roughly to reap the heritage of the Beatles, yet fortunately, fans deserve to still watch to number of of the well known bandmates in time of trouble. Read on to find which members of the Beatles space still alive, and which ones have actually sadly pass on.


The Beatles (left come right) George Harrison (1943 – 2001), Ringo Starr, john Lennon (1940 – 1980) and also Paul McCartney | john Downing/Getty Images

John Lennon was notoriously murdered

John Lennon was arguably the most popular Beatle while he was alive. His anti-establishment attitude and also quiet defiance that war and also discord made him a cultural icon, also after the band damaged up in 1970. After ~ the breakup that the Beatles, Lennon and his wife, other musician and also artist Yoko Ono, functioned together on jobs that they believed would assist to foster peace around the world.

Not everyone appreciated Lennon’s article of solidarity, and also he had plenty of detractors. He received a lot of criticism throughout the last couple of years of his life because that his anti-war sentiments, yet ultimately, he to be gunned down in the many violent means possible.

In 1980, man Lennon to be shot through a man named note David Chapman, a guy who waited external of his apartment, shooting Lennon after getting his autograph. Chapman later on admitted the he killed Lennon purely because that attention and actually had actually “no ok will” in the direction of Lennon.

Although Lennon died as a an outcome of his wounds, his blog post of peace and also love resides on, motivating the generations the both musicians and also fans that have followed in his inimitable footsteps.

George Harrison had a successful solo career

When he remained in the Beatles, George Harrison was known as the quiet one. Introspective and also thoughtful as contrasted to his bandmate’s loud personalities, Harrison to be responsible for penning plenty of of the Beatles’ successful tunes and was widely attributed with presenting Middle Eastern affect into your melodies.

Following the band’s breakup, Harrison became a effective solo artist — his hit song “My Sweet Lord” ended up being his trademark ballad and also it remains very popular to this day.

Sadly, Harrison fought a long fight with cancer while he was just in his fifties. Ultimately, he passed away in 2001 indigenous lung cancer at the period of 58.

Two Beatles members are still alive

George, Paul and also John harmonizing – #TheBeatles via

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Although 2 of their friends have actually fallen, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the other two members that the Beatles, have soldiered on transparent the years. McCartney’s staggering success together a solo artist has made him one of the wealthiest musicians in the world, and although his rocky personal life has regularly made him the subject of tabloid speculation, McCartney stays a force to it is in reckoned with.

As for Ringo Starr, the Beatles’ charismatic drummer, he has remained energetic and healthy and balanced well right into his so late 70s. He has actually consistently written and also performed ever due to the fact that the breakup of the Beatles and also has also earned renown together a painter. Starr has also continued come collaborate with his former bandmate Paul McCartney, through McCartney making several appearances ~ above Starr’s 2017 album, “Give an ext Love.”

Starr has actually an superior net worth of roughly $150 million and still tourism the world, playing music for sold-out crowds everywhere.

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Fans love see Starr and also McCartney and also reliving the glory job of Beatlemania. Although not every member of the band acquired to live a long and happy life, fans have the right to take lull in discovering that the songs of john Lennon and also George Harrison will certainly live on forever.