Fifteen championship banner fly end Sanford Stadium. Thirteen of these banner stand because that the Southeastern Conference championships winner by the Georgia Bulldogs. Two of the banner represent nationwide championships won by the Bulldogs: one banner for 1942 and also the other for 1980. These banners don’t tell all about the Bulldogs’ championship history, though, together there are 4 other year in i beg your pardon the routine was called as nationwide champions by one or more polls. The adhering to will study each that the seasons once the university of Georgia football team"s was called no. 1 in a poll well-known by the NCAA.

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The 1920 Wildcats/Bulldogs

1920 – Alex Cunningham built the Georgia football regime from almost total irrelevance on campus to a regionally respect program during his tenure together head coach, which ran native 1910 through 1919 (with time off for America’s involvement in WWI). That resigned as head coach adhering to the ’19 season in order to reenlist in the U.S. Army. Herman Stegeman to be hired following Cunningham"s departure and also took end a regime that boasted a variety of returning starters, including star football player Artie Pew, ‘Bum’ Day, Owen Reynolds, and also ‘Puss’ Whelchel. The Wildcats, as they were officially well-known until they readjusted the nickname come the now acquainted Bulldogs half-way through the season, cruised through the schedule with just Oglethorpe (3 points) and Alabama (14 points) controlling to score. Marring the perfect season, though, was a 0-0 protective struggle versus Virginia in Charlottesville. The Wildcats/Bulldogs were called co-champions of the southerly Intercollegiate Athletics Association in addition to Georgia Tech and also Tulane. Georgia Tech, having lost a video game to Pittsburgh to end up with an 8-1 in its entirety record, was named the ‘Champions of the South’ by the Atlanta Journal, ignoring the record of the team from Athens.

The Berryman high quality Points Rating System, a math poll supplied to determine historic national champions, called 1920 Georgia Wildcats/Bulldogs as champions for that season.

October 2The CitadelAthens, GeorgiaW40–0
October 9atSouth CarolinaColumbia, south CarolinaW37–0
October 13atFurmanGreenville, southern CarolinaW7–0
October 23atOglethorpeAtlanta, GeorgiaW27–3
October 30vs.AuburnColumbus, GeorgiaW7–0
November 6atVirginiaCharlottesville, VirginiaT0–0
November 13FloridaAthens, GeorgiaW56–0
November 20AlabamaAtlanta, GeorgiaW21–14
November 25ClemsonAthens, GeorgiaW55–0

Season record: 8-0-1 (7-0 southerly Intercollegiate strong Association)

California, i beg your pardon is the concensus nationwide champion for 1920, played this schedule:

September 25Olympic A.C. Berkeley, CaliforniaW21–0
October 2Mare Island MarinesBerkeley, CaliforniaW88–0
October 9Saint Mary"s (CA)Berkeley, CaliforniaW127–0
October 16NevadaBerkeley, CaliforniaW79–7
October 23UtahBerkeley, CaliforniaW63–0
October 30atOregon AgriculturalCorvallis, OregonW17–7
November 6Washington StateBerkeley, CaliforniaW49–0
November 13StanfordBerkeley, CaliforniaW38–0
January 1, 1921vs.Ohio StatePasadena, CA(Rose Bowl)W28–0

Season record: 9-0 (3-0 Pacific shore Conference)

1920 final National poll Leaders*:

California: soccer Research, Helms Foundation, Houlgate System, national Championship Foundation, Sagarin, Sagarin (ELO-Chess)

Georgia: Berryman QPRS

Harvard: Boand System

Notre Dame: Billingsley, Parke Davis

Princeton: Boand System, Parke Davis


1927 – Nicknamed the ‘Dream and Wonder’ team, the 1927 Bulldogs formation was among the most an effective and talented fielded by the college up come that point in the program’s history. The 1927 team boasted a deep and also experienced backfield (so deep the the backfield was given the nickname the ‘Thousand Backs’) the led the team to a blowout 32-0 win in the season opener against Southern Conference competitor Virginia. The ‘Thousand Backs’ then traveled to new Haven, Connecticut because that a game against rival Yale, triumphing 14-10 and handing Yale its just loss the the season. The season ending game against Georgia technology would have potentially sent Georgia come its first ever increased Bowl game and also a nationwide title, however the playing surface ar at Grant ar was well-watered and really muddy, which favored Tech’s more heavier line against Georgia’s stable of speedy backs. The 0-12 ns ended any kind of Rose key aspirations because that the Bulldogs. This loss and the dispute surrounding the conditions of the field spurred on efforts to finance and also build a modern-day football stadium in Athens, which would result in the building of Sanford Stadium.

Despite this loss come Georgia Tech, the 1927 team has actually been named as national champions through three various polls known by the NCAA: Berryman QPRS, the Boand System, and the Poling System. Both the Boand and Poling Systems are mathematical formulae designed to determine historical national champions.

October 1VirginiaAthens, GeorgiaW32–0
October 8atYaleNew Haven, ConnecticutW14–10
October 15FurmanAthens, GeorgiaW32–0
October 22vs.AuburnColumbus, GeorgiaW33–0
October 29atTulaneNew Orleans, LouisianaW31–0
November 5atFloridaJacksonville, FloridaW28–0
November 12ClemsonAthens, GeorgiaW32–0
November 19MercerAthens, GeorgiaW26–7
November 24atAlabamaBirmingham, AlabamaW20–7
December 3atGeorgia TechAtlanta, GeorgiaL0–12

Season record: 9-1 (6-1 southern Conference)

Illinois, the concensus nationwide champion because that 1927, played this schedule:

October 1BradleyChampaign, IlinoisW19–0
October 8ButlerChampaign, IlinoisW58–0
October 15Iowa StateChampaign, IlinoisT12–12
October 22atNorthwesternEvanston, IllinoisW7–6
October 29MichiganChampaign, IlinoisW14–0
November 5atIowaIowa City, IowaW14–0
November 12ChicagoChampaign, IlinoisW15–6
November 19atOhio StateColumbus, OhioW13–0

Season record: 7-0-1 (5-0 huge Ten)

1927 final National poll Leaders:

Georgia: Berryman QPRS, Boand System, Poling System

Illinois: Billingsley Report, Dickinson System, Helms Foundation, nationwide Championship Foundation, Parke Davis

Notre Dame: Houlgate System

Texas A&M: Sagarin, Sagain (ELO-Chess)

Yale: football Research


1942 – The story that the 1942 Bulldogs team is well known: led by Heisman Trophy winner candid Sinkwich and also his backfield mate Charley Trippi, the team rolled end its competition and also overcame a late-season loss to Auburn to knife a rose Bowl bid, where it beat UCLA 9-0.

At the end of the season, Ohio State was called as nationwide champions through the linked Press. Since the connected Press poll was -- and has -- been taken into consideration the vote of record since an initial appearing in 1936, Ohio State is thought about to it is in the champions for that year. It need to be listed that the last AP poll of the season to be issued immediately after the last consistent season games were played, so thus bowl games were not a factor in that is rankings. The 1942 Georgia team to be or has been (in the situation of polls that identify retroactive historical national champions) named national champions by eight NCAA well-known polls: Berryman QPRS, Billingsley Report, the DeVold System, the Houlgate System, Litkenhous, Poling System, Sagarin Ratings System, and the Williamson System. The Sagarin (ELO-Chess) mathematics system, which is a 2nd ratings system occurred by mathematician Jeff Sagarin and adopted from a system used to rank the relative differences in skill in between chess players, has additionally named the ’42 Bulldogs as national champions.

Georgia fans celebrating ~ above Bourbon St. In new Orleans in the beforehand morning hrs of January 2, 1981 would have said the UGA had just won its an initial ever national championship…and at the moment they to be correct, from a certain point that view. The college of Georgia wouldn’t officially case the 1942 championship till the 1990s, as soon as Athletic director Vince Dooley initiated a review of the documents from 1942 and also decided the winning a agreement of the polls in use, and also the historical polls, permitted Georgia come reasonably insurance claim the nationwide championship for that year. So, despite the 1942 team to be not named as national champion in their very own year, the title to be retroactively declared by UGA. The title for 1942 is still declared outright by Ohio State.

September 19atKentuckyLouisville, KentuckyW7–6
September 25Jacksonville NASMacon, GeorgiaW14–0
October 3FurmanAthens, GeorgiaW40–7
October 10atOle MissMemphis, TennesseeW48–13
October 17TulaneAthens, GeorgiaW40–0
October 24atCincinnatiCincinnati, OhioW35–13
October 31No. 3AlabamaAtlanta, GeorgiaW21–10
November 7vs.FloridaJacksonville, FloridaW75–0
November 14atChattanoogaChattanooga, TennesseeW40–0
November 21vs.AuburnColumbus, GeorgiaL13–27
November 28No. 2Georgia TechAthens, GeorgiaW34–0
January 1, 1943vs.No. 13UCLAPasadena, California(Rose Bowl)W9–0

Season record: 11-1 (6-1 Southeastern Conference)

Tha AP poll winning Ohio State Buckeyes, led by coach Paul Brown, played one less regular season game than the Bulldogs and did no play in a bowl game. Your schedule (along v weekly AP poll position)

September 26Fort Knox (Army)No. 1Columbus, OhioW59–0
October 3IndianaNo. 1Columbus, OhioW32–21
October 10USCNo. 1Columbus, OhioW28–12
October 17PurdueNo. 1Columbus, OhioW26–0
October 24atNorthwesternNo. 1Evanston, IllinoisW20–6
October 31atNo. 6WisconsinNo. 1Madison, WisconsinL7–17
November 7PittsburghNo. 6Columbus, OhioW59–19
November 14vs.No. 13IllinoisNo. 10Cleveland, OhioW44–20
November 21No. 4MichiganNo. 5Columbus, OhioW21–7
November 28Iowa Pre-FlightNo. 3Columbus, OhioW41–12

Season record:9-1 (5-1 big Ten)

1942 final National poll Leaders:

Georgia: Berryman QPRS, Billingsley System, DeVold System, Houlgate System, Litkenhous, Poling System, Sagarin, Sagarin (ELO-Chess), Williamson System

Ohio State: AP, Boand System, Dunkel System, football Research, national Championship Foundation

Wisconsin: Helms Foundation


1946 – For many of the 1946 season, Notre Dame and Army were touted together the ideal teams in the country and that their meeting on November nine of the year in Yankee stadium would determine the national championship. With an tremendous amount the publicity and with four players who either had actually or would success the Heisman trophy top top the field, the Fighting Irish and the Cadets play to a turnover and also penalty ridden 0-0 tie. After ~ this game, army would loss no. 5 penn 34-7 and then struggle to beat rival Navy, i beg your pardon would finish the season through a 1-8 record, 21-18. Notre Dame would end up their season by beating 3-7 Tulane (which to be an SEC college at this time) 41-0 and also then no. 16 USC 26-6. Meanwhile, Georgia, led by all-around star player Charley Trippi, perfect the continual season through a 10-0 record, which contained wins over no. 19 Kentucky, no. 15 Alabama, and also no. 7 Georgia Tech.

Neither army nor Notre Dame participated in bowl games after the season, when Georgia beat no. 9 north Carolina 20-10 in the street Bowl. North Carolina, led by their star back Charlie ‘Choo Choo’ Justice, had only one loss on the season, to no. 10 Tennessee, and also had winner the southerly Conference. (UNC had also tied VPI to open the year.)

The AP poll, which, together was provided above, to be issued automatically after the constant season ended and did no take into account key games, ranked Georgia third behind national champions Notre Dame and second ranked Army. The the height ten teams in that final poll, just Georgia and also UCLA (ranked no. 4) to be unbeaten and also untied. UCLA would shed its match-up with 8-2 (6-1 large Ten) Illinois in the climbed Bowl 45-14, leaving Georgia the just unbeaten, untied team in the country for 1946.

September 27ClemsonAthens, GeorgiaW35–12
October 4atTemplePhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaW35–7
October 11No. 19KentuckyAthens, GeorgiaW28–13
October 19Oklahoma A&MAthens, GeorgiaW33–13
October 26atFurmanGreenville, south CarolinaW70–7
November 2atNo. 15AlabamaAthens, GeorgiaW14–0
November 9vs.FloridaJacksonville, FloridaW33–14
November 16vs.AuburnColumbus, GeorgiaW41–0
November 23atChattanoogaChattanooga, TennesseeW48–27
November 30No. 7Georgia TechAthens, GeorgiaW35–7
January 1, 1947vs.No. 9North CarolinaNew Orleans, LA(Sugar Bowl)W20–10

Season record: 11-0 (6-0 Southeastern Conference)

While Notre Dame bound Army, they go play a complicated schedule in 1946 (with weekly AP vote position):

September 28atIllinoisChampaign, IllinoisW26–6
October 5PittsburghSouth Bend, IndianaW33–0
October 12PurdueNo. 3South Bend, IndianaW49–6
October 26atNo. 17IowaNo. 2Iowa City, IowaW41–6
November 2vs.NavyNo. 2Baltimore, MarylandW28–0
November 9vs.No. 1ArmyNo. 2New York, brand-new YorkT0–0
November 16atNorthwesternNo. 2South Bend, IndianaW27–0
November 23atTulaneNo. 2New Orleans, LouisianaW41–0
November 30No. 16USCNo. 2South Bend, IndianaW26–6

Season record: 8-0-1 (independent)

1946 final National vote Leaders:

Army West Point: Billingsley Report, Boand System, football Research, Helms Foundation, Houlgate System, Poling System

Georgia: Williamson System

Notre Dame: AP, Berryman QPRS, Boand System, DeVold System, Dunkel System, Likenhous, national Championship Foundation, Poling System, Sagarin, Sagarin (ELO-Chess)


1968 – The 1968 Bulldogs to be talented, yet an odd selection to end the year through a case to a nationwide title. The Bulldogs, in their fifth season under head coach Vince Dooley, opened their schedule through a controversial 17-17 tie against no. 9 Tennessee. The dispute stemmed indigenous a last-minute Tennessee touchdown pass that was ruled complete despite having hit the artificial turf prior to bouncing into the receivers’ hands. One more tie followed in the seventh game of the season versus a powerful Houston team. The Cougars ranked first nationally in complete offense, yet lost 3 fumbles to aid keep the Bulldogs in the game. The Bulldogs ended the season v an 8-0-2 record and an SEC championship, Dooley’s 2nd SEC location in three seasons. The Bulldogs would take on no. 9 Arkansas, then a member the the Southwest Conference, in the Sugar key on January 1, 1969. The Arkansas defense harried the Bulldogs all day and took a 16-2 win.

The 1968 season would be the first time the the Associate press issued its poll after the bowl gamings had to be played. In ~ the conclusion the the continual season, the Bulldogs were ranked no. 4 in the country, behind Ohio State, USC, and Penn State. The loss come Arkansas knocked the Bulldogs down to no. 8 in the last poll, behind national champion Ohio State, pen State, Texas, USC, Notre Dame, and also Arkansas. However, the Liktenhous poll ranked Georgia as the number one team in the nation following the season. The Litkenhous system was a “difference-by-score formula arisen by Edward E. Litkenhous, a professor the chemical engineering at Vanderbilt, and his brothers Frank” and also was in use from 1934-1984.

September 14atNo. 9TennesseeKnoxville, TennesseeT17–17
September 28ClemsonAthens, GeorgiaW31–13
October 5atSouth CarolinaColumbia, south CarolinaW21–20
October 12No. 13Ole MissAthens, GeorgiaW21–7
October 19VanderbiltAthens, GeorgiaW32–6
October 26atKentuckyLexington, KentuckyW35–14
November 2No. 15HoustonAthens, GeorgiaT10–10
November 9vs.FloridaJacksonville, FloridaW51–0
November 16atNo. 12AuburnAuburn, AlabamaW17–3
November 30Georgia TechAthens, GeorgiaW47–8
January 1vs.No. 9ArkansasNew Orleans(Sugar Bowl)L2–16

Season record: 8-1-2 (5-0-1 Southeastern Conference)

Woody Hayes led his Buckeyes with a complicated schedule come an undefeated season (with weekly AP poll position):

September 28SMUNo. 11Columbus, OhioW35–14
October 5OregonNo. 6Columbus, OhioW21–6
October 12No. 1PurdueNo. 4Columbus, OhioW13–0
October 19NorthwesternNo. 2Columbus, OhioW45–21
October 26atIllinoisNo. 2Champaign, IllinoisW31–24
November 2No. 16Michigan StateNo. 2Columbus, OhioW25–20
November 9atWisconsinNo. 2Madison, WisconsinW43–8
November 16atIowaNo. 2Iowa City, IowaW33–27
November 23No. 4MichiganNo. 2Columbus, OhioW50–14
January 1, 1969vs.No. 2USCNo. 1Pasadena, CA(Rose Bowl)W27–16

Season record:10-0 (7-0 huge Ten)

1968 last National vote Leaders:

Georgia: Litkenhous

Ohio State: AP, Berryman QPRS, Billingsley Report, Dunkel System, FACT, FB News, football Research, FW, Helms Foundation, nationwide Championship Foundation, NFF, Poling System, Sagarin (ELO-Chess), UPI

Texas: DeVold System, Matthews grid Ratings, Sagarin

1980 – There have the right to be no doubt around Georgia’s 1980 national championship season, as the Bulldogs were the only unbeaten and also untied team in the nation at the end of the year. The Dawgs started the season in ~ no. 16 in the AP Poll, with an knowledgeable defense led through Scott Woerner and Frank Ros, and also a difficult offense led through Buck Belue. Georgia was coming turn off of a disappointed 6-5 project in 1979 and also had questions at running back, with rarely-used backs Donnie McMickens and also Carnie Norris gift joined in the backfield by true student in the first year Herschel Walker.

As Georgia pan – and all of college soccer – would certainly soon uncover out, Herschel to be not only a difference device at tailback, however the best ever to play the position. His transcendent talent, included to a tough, proficient team, it is provided Georgia v an untouched season, one of only three in school history (the others following in 1896 and also the aforementioned 1946).

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After a challenging 17-10 victory over no. 7 Notre Dame in the sugar Bowl, the Bulldogs ended the season v 58 ½ out of a feasible 63 very first place votes in the AP poll, the only time the the Dawgs have ended the season ranked no. 1 in the AP Poll. 2nd ranked Pittsburgh (3 ½ votes) and also fifth place Florida State (1 vote) were the just other teams to receive very first place votes in the last AP poll.

September 6atTennesseeKnoxville, TennesseeW16–15
September 13Texas A&MAthens, GeorgiaW42–0
September 20ClemsonAthens, GeorgiaW20–16
September 27TCUAthens, GeorgiaW34–3
October 11Ole MissAthens, GeorgiaW28–21
October 18VanderbiltAthens, GeorgiaW41–0
October 25atKentuckyLexington, KentuckyW27–0
November 1No. 14South CarolinaAthens, GeorgiaW13–10
November 8vs.No. 20FloridaJacksonville, FloridaW26–21
November 15atAuburnAuburn, AlabamaW31–21
November 29Georgia TechAthens, GeorgiaW38–20
January 1vs.No. 7Notre DameNew Orleans, Louisiana (Sugar Bowl)W17–10

Season record: 12-0 (6-0 Southeastern Conference)

1980 final National vote Leaders:

Florida State: FACT

Georgia: AP, Berryman QPRS, Billingsley Report, FACT, FB News, FW, Helms Foundation, national Championship Foundation, NFF, Poling System, Sagarin (ELO-Chess), Sporting News, UPI

Nebraska: FACT

Oklahoma: Dunkel System, Matthews net Ratings

Pittsburgh: Devold System, FACT, football Research, NY Times, Sagarin

*The source for the final National Polls is the NCAA soccer Subdivision document book, i m sorry is freely easily accessible online at: