Lots of write-ups say you deserve to fit 49 or 30 whatever moons inearth yet this is not true because the moon is 24.2% the size ofearth so about 4 moons.

Lots of scientific research shows like the world on background channel to speak 4moons deserve to fit in earth.

But the earth is lot denser so about 45 moons would certainly equal themass of the earth.

EDIT: The diameter that the moon is around 24.2% thediameter of Earth, but this does no necessarily typical that thevolumes are in this ratio. Therefore, you cannot conclude thatthere are around 4 moons.

If no volume to be left unused, approximately 49 moons might fitinto the earth (this is not feasible in reality as there would haveto it is in empty room to be able to fit the moons right into the Earth. Sothe actual amount of moons that might fit right into the earth is goingto be a tiny less 보다 49 moons (36 according to somesources).

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