In case of emergency, contact 911Be advised that this business is plan for real emergencies. After a short interview v an operator, the NYC Police, Fire Department, and also Emergency medical Technicians will be dispatched. As soon as a dispatch has actually been placed, it can not be recalled.

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For NYC Information, call 311, (or 212-NEW-YORK from outside brand-new York City).Provides callers v quick, easy access to all new York City federal government services and also information in end 170 languages. Information consists of street closings, parking regulations, Bus & Subway information, and also taxi lost & Found.311 virtual provides information in over 50 languages.

For Transit Information, contact 511, or visit the MTA’s website.

NYC Information and also Statistics


New York City as it exists this particular day was created in 1898 when the city expanded from the original boundaries of Manhattan to combine Brooklyn (Kings County), Queens (Queens County), the Bronx (Bronx County) and also Staten Island (Richmond County). The counties (commonly referred to as boroughs) correspond to the initial colonial administrative divisions.

Manhattan, the smallest of the boroughs, actions 13.4 miles in length, 2.3 mile in width in ~ its widest point, and just 0.8 miles at that is narrowest point. Through a populace of 1,585,873 (2010 Census), that is the most densely occupied county in the US.

Brooklyn, situated on the southwest reminder of Long Island, is now the most populous (2,504,700: 2010 Census) that the five boroughs. Queens, to the Northeast that Brooklyn, is the largest and fastest farming (population 2,230,722: 2010 Census)

NYC complete population: 8,175,133

The complete area that the 5 boroughs that make up new York City is about 320 sq miles; the longest distance in between its boundaries, native the northeast to the southwest, is around 35 miles.

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New York harbor has accessibility to the Atlantic ocean through the Narrows, a passage in between Staten Island and also Long Island. The city is rimmed by an ext than 578 miles of coastline, which includes some 14 mile of beaches.

The city provided its surname to the state (the 11th that the original 13 states of the union), which, through virtue the its financial expansion and political influence ended up being know as the “Empire State.”