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How many miles have the right to you jog in 1 hour? (skinny, jogging, average)
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I do a 10k in about 40 minutes, that"d it is in 9.3 in an hour at the same pace. I"ve operation 7.5 in an hour at a slow-moving place, so I can probably perform 8.5. I"ve never had a reason to run an hour full out due to the fact that they don"t have hour lengthy races. I usually never ever run anything end 4 mile all out in practice.
Wow.. My run time is method slow to alot of others on here. I have done around 6.75 mile in one hour. Ian
Wow.. My operation time is means slow come alot of others on here. I have actually done around 6.75 miles in an hour. Ian
No, no, Ian, i think 6.75 is a an excellent pace. Your pace is probably greater than a majority of runners. 6.75 is awesome.

For me it depends on how much I am going come run. On a short day I may run at 5 come 6.5 MPH, on a lengthy day ns will try and slow-moving down and get right into a runner high type of mode. We have a great running follow in the RTP area i beg your pardon is nearly hill free, and has packed dirt to run on. If friend are right into or can do lengthy runs you might get 30 miles going native one to the other and back.
Over 50 female, and also my 10k times room a little over one hour...a lot relies on hills, heat, humidity, and also how i feel on any kind of given day. Training because that the fifty percent marathon now...veerrry slowly... Lol
The food I run is 6 miles exactly and also I finish it in an hour, usually few minutes under or end 60. That is an extremely hilly. I"m curious as to how ns would carry out on a flat course. That a 3 mile the end and back course and I usually need to stop in ~ the midway point and stretch for a minute or two. I feel choose I"m in an excellent shape however can only do three or 4 miles at a time before I need to stop and also stretch. I"ve done as lot as nine miles in ~ once yet had to break them up into 3 teams of three. Very frustrating.
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