Trying to recognize the maximum reliable miles native a vehicle might seem choose a very loaded question due to the fact that there space so countless variables involved. However, the reality remains, any vehicle deserve to run as long as you want it to run. Over there are particular engines that merely do the with an ext ease than others. The lamb 1500 has proven chin to be durable and also robust with integrity becoming almost a given. Therefore what is the maximum trusted miles girlfriend can obtain out of a ram 1500?

Ram 1500 pickups have proven come rack up mileage well over 300k mile without significant engine or infection repairs. There is no factor why most modern-day Ram 1500 engines can’t do it pass 300k miles with proper preventive maintenance.

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If you browse about online in search of people’s opinions top top the ram 1500 pickups, you will do it quickly notification a trend. Countless owners swear by them and won’t touch any type of other brand.

Then there space those, like any kind of other brand, who just hate Rams and also view them together being behind the competition of Ford and also Chevy. What us do know is the there space a few common issues on the older van to look the end for, which us will discuss in much more detail later. We likewise know is that you can run this trucks well right into the hundreds of thousands of miles, giving them a farming reputation for durability and reliability.

Let’s very first get a much better idea that what owning a lamb 1500 is like and what some have said around their trucks.

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Are dodge Rams great Trucks

How countless Miles deserve to A Dodge lamb 1500 Last

After scouring the web forums and also reading evaluation after review I uncovered a few rather exciting reports from lamb 1500 owners.

Have a look:

I have a 2010 Dodge lamb 1500 5.7L V8 4×4 with 175,000 miles on it… and still walking strong

175k mile (281k km)!!! and just obtaining warmed up!

I payment 2800 because that an 03 dodge 1500 1 original owner. Swear come god looks brand spanking new inside, whatever works and also paint looks great, plugged in scanner. No codes, no emissions problems, overcome smog, no oil leaks, no drama and also it has actually 259k miles! Still running strong!!!!

259K miles (416k km) through no leaks or reliability problems is nothing come scoff at. I’d be an extremely happy through that type of service.

My 03 Dodge ram 2500 has actually the 5.7L V8 hemi in it. It’s simply 290k miles and also has never ever skipped a to win on me! I had to replace the strength steering line one time and also i put brand-new sway bar linkages on it together a preventative thing. The dash is cracked but it’s quiet running choose a animal! save that oil readjusted and a Dodge will make girlfriend a believer

The older models sound nice bullet-proof with just a few cosmetic worries reported.

I have actually a 1995 Dodge lamb 1500 v 370K original miles on the motor.

Sure the an older design with a an ext basic design. Still, 370k mile (595k km) is very impressive for any kind of engine.

I’ve gained 400,000 kilometres on my 06 ram, tho going strong! No dodge mite or grinding

A much newer and also more modern-day model with 400K miles (643k km) is fantastic.

I have a 2003 dodge 3.7 v 662,000 miles on it, original engine and also transmission. I bought it through 42,000 miles on it. No cracked dash. It has been great to me!

622K miles (over 1000 000km) ~ above the original engine and transmission!!! I’ll leaving it ideal there.

So i hear girlfriend saying, sure I’m only highlighting every the hopeful examples, what around all the problematic lamb 1500 and unhappy owner out there? Well, in all fairness, every automobile has its own set of problems and each instance is different, however, what this go to show is that trustworthy high usage is certainly attainable with these ram trucks. That proves these engines space robust and can really take a beating, if taken treatment of properly.

OK, to fulfill the naysayers, let’s next look at some difficulties these lamb 1500 litter out.

Are evade Rams good Trucks


The previously RAM models are renowned for racking increase high mileage. Sure the truck could start fallout’s apart about the engine, however it just keeps going. The not uncommon to see 200k miles and also over 300k mile on the enlarge models quiet going strong. And most of these trucks nothing live basic lives. Many of them have actually lived most of their visibility in building and construction sites and used in the advertising industry.

Resale Value

Dodge Rams have actually been known to shed their value quicker than the competition, however if you space BFL (Buying for life), and are ready to maintain and keep the thing running, they deserve to be an extremely dependable.

Rust Issues

Many have complained around the RUST!!! Yes these trucks rust and they rust fast. That might be down to inferior steels or other in the manufacturing process, we don’t know, but they have tendency to rust slightly quicker than the competition.

Cracking Dash

Cracking dash pads ~ above the second generation Rams have been a typical complaint. Third Generation van seem to have actually that sorted the end now. In current years they have actually really upped their game in terms of high quality fit and also finish.

Engine Tick

Hemi 5.7 have actually been well-known to develop the dreaded ticking noise. Over there is no official technical organization bulletin or recall native Dodge. It’s always important to inspect the quantity of engine oil and ensure you room using the right type of oil for the vehicle.

5.7 hemi Life expectations (High purpose of use Dodge ram 1500)

When it comes to any type of high purpose of use pickup, one point to remember is, the resale value completely depends on how the truck to be maintained and also treated by the vault owner. Each instance needs to be looked in ~ individually since two van of comparable spec and also age have the right to live two totally different lives and end up having vastly various resale values.

Mileage no the beginning and also end all once you room purchasing a used truck. A 20 year old pickup, for instance can rack increase 200k precious of basic highway mileage matches a 3 year old van that has actually 200k mile of hard city and construction website mileage. They both have 200K mile on but one will be significantly more worn out 보다 the other. Highway mileage is basic miles ~ above the engine, transmission and also drivetrain since most of the time you’re traveling at a consistent speed through less equipment shifting in-between and stop-starts i m sorry placed massive wear top top engine and also drivetrain components.

With that being said, if the automobile received continual services and a couple of oil alters in between throughout the year, it can still turn out to be a an extremely nice truck.

So how long have the right to a hemi 5.7 typically last?

Most contemporary gas engines are over-engineered and built to withstand extreme conditions. Manufactures spend millions on R&D come ensure these trucks check out plenty the trouble-free miles. So, if your conditions are “normal” and you’ve yes, really looked well after the truck there’s no reason why your hem shouldn’t check out 300k mile or more without significant engine and transmission repairs.

Preventative maintenance cures all

The business manual should serve together a guide to how much apart the organization intervals have to be spaced. Therefore if you notification a pattern as soon as transmission oil changes are carried out, to speak every 60k miles, execute your best to continue that maintain pattern. If the scheduled engine services are excellent every 10K miles, it i will not ~ hurt to perform a tiny oil and also oil filter readjust between services.

Below is a failure of the Ram organization intervals:

8,000 Miles1st oil and filter change. Top-up all various other fluids like, brake, anti-freeze, etc. Turn tires.
20,000 MilesCheck all suspension materials like tie rods, ball-joints, bushes etc. Brakes should be checked, adjusted, and also replaced if needed.
30,000 MilesEngine and cabin filter replacement. CV/Universal share inspections. Examine transfer situation fluid and also have the case and also axles inspected.
60,000 MilesTop-up transmission fluid, filters, engine coolant, brake fluid.
100,000 MilesAll that the over + inspect and replace every spark plugs, PVC joints.
120,000 MilesRepeat 60,000-mile service. Change transmission fluid.
150,000 MilesReplace engine and cabin filters.

5.7 hemi 300 000 Miles

There are various other viewpoints on to buy a offered Ram v over 200k miles. Some think that just the diesel Cummins is a safe supplied purchase through that lot mileage. Sure there will be ingredient failures in ~ 200k miles, however what would price you more to replace? Diesel materials or gas components? us all recognize Diesel is way more expensive to repair 보다 a gas engine.

There are countless owners who have driven ram pickups for over 2 decades, racking up numerous miles fine over the 300k note with nothing however praise because that these trucks. Not to point out the countless awards and also accolades it’s piled up in addition to consumer trust ratings, and also long-term exam to ago up this beautiful beast’s reputation.

Yes, the ram 5.7 is a robust engine and can endure countless hundreds of hundreds of trouble-free mile however, expect contents to begin failing anywhere about 200k miles. If fine maintained and driven through a certain level of mechanical sympathy you deserve to exceed 500k mile without major repairs.


K&N instead of Filter.

K&N Cold waiting Intake Kit

Haynes lamb 1500 fix Manual

Jet Performance commodities Power regulate Module stage 2 – 91202S

Auto Meter dodge Factory enhance Fuel press Gauge – 8563


Many think manufactures are acquiring soft as the years role by with trucks becoming an ext sophisticated and plush with every version release sporting more gadgets, safety and creature comforts friend can ever imagine. The manufacturer will always be biased in the direction of on-road safety and also comfort since that is where many vehicles spend 80% the its life.

Rams yet are ending up being smarter, more secure and much more comfortable for both on and off-road usage and perfect for roadways that room not well maintained or paved. Ram has raised the bar as soon as it comes to durability and also ruggedness, and if you view how numerous off-road enthusiasts space kitting these ram trucks out for off-road and overlanding, its sure testimony to your reliability and also capability.

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Below are examples of awards the Ram has actually received in current years, giving its owner even an ext confidence in these trucks:

A ram 1500 is most likely one that the many durable and robust engines top top the market. They have a solid pedigree and have proven to was standing the check of time over and also over again.