Bobby Flay is just one of America’s most beloved and also most famous celebrity chefs that not just runs his very own television series but has totally operational restaurants throughout the joined States. However, the end of these restaurants, how countless have the prestigious Michelin star, and how countless does he have actually in total?

As reported by, as of September 2020, Bobby Flay has actually zero Michelin stars, regardless of his lot of restaurants and also having cooked because that both the Chinese and US presidents throughout his career. The did have actually one once however lost the a year later.

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Surprised v the result? despite he had more? Today, we’re walking to nose dive right into Bobby’s career, exploring precisely what his empire is made of and also exploring few of the factors why he may not have a Michelin star to contact his own.

The realm of Bobby Flay

There’s no doubt the Bobby Flay is one of the TV’s greatest chefs who’s regularly featured ~ above the Food Network, a household name in many states, and perhaps did you do it even eaten in among his restaurants yourself. He’s certainly one individual who has taken the civilization by storm.

Did you know, his career began all the way back once a busboy in his father’s restaurant called in sick, and Bobby was asked to to fill in his shoes. He did a good job, and this rotate into continuous work, kitchen work, and also eventually, the boss paid for him to to visit the French Culinary institute in Manhattan.

Gordon Ramsay vs Bobby Flay: Who’s The far better Chef?

Fast forward to 1991, and also Bobby opened his very own restaurant, Mesa Grill, i beg your pardon was conveniently rated the ‘Restaurant that the Year’ by brand-new York newspaper writer Gael Green, and this simply snowballed into whatever Flay needs to this day.

This contains nine cookbooks that come under his very own name, lot of competitive television food preparation series, consisting of Iron Chef, win Bobby Flay, and more, and he is recognized for being among the wealthiest chefs in the human being (number 13, if you were curious).

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Over the years, he’s opened 19 restaurants throughout 11 states, each through its very own style and also theme, and each one being reasonably successful, i beg your pardon is a truly exceptional feat for anybody to achieve. So, where’s his Michelin Star?

Bobby Flay and also Michelin Stars

It’s true the Bobby did have one Michelin star in his lifetime. It was awarded come his 2nd opened Mesa Grill, based in ras Vegas, and also was awarded earlier in 2008. However, the star was never ever rewarded in the 2009 edition.

Michelin additionally then stopped publishing a las Vegas execution of the Michelin Stars, which intended that no star can ever it is in earned ago on that exact same restaurant. Sad times.

So, why is this the case?

It’s crucial to keep in mind that a Michelin star is never ever really awarded to the chief or owner the a restaurant, yet rather come the restaurant itself. This means that owners deserve to have multiple stars. Alain Ducasse, a French chef, for example, has actually multiple restaurants approximately the world, and has end 20 stars under his belt, which renders him the document holder.

Flay has actually multiple restaurants too, therefore why no he have actually one?

How to obtain a Michelin Star

Bit the a class now and a good chapter if you own a restaurant as we’re going to look right into what you need to have actually in your restaurant come maximize your opportunities of getting your very own Michelin star.

In one interview v LightSpeedHQ, Werner Loens, the director of the Michelin overview itself, to be asked what the judges look for in bespeak to achieve a star status, which that narrowed down to simply five simple criteria. These are;

High-quality produceChefs through mastery in the kitchen and professional cook techniquesThe taste that the food (dur)Consistency in the overall dining experienceAnd savoir-faire

That critical one is properly characterized as ‘the ability to speak or carry out the suitable thing in a society situation, which we’re certain relates to the all at once social suffer you get from being in a restaurant.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is just exactly how subjective this criteria are, yet we deserve to imagine how much simpler they would certainly be to referee if a overview like this has actually been running for over a century because damn, it is a the majority of experience in restaurant sampling.

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That being said, it must just be clear that Flay’s restaurants aren’t meeting these criteria, at least not to the standard that the Michelin guides room looking for, nor as repeatedly as they have to be. Nevertheless, Bobby’s restaurants space still really popular among patrons, and also there’s constantly time to obtain a star awarded in the future.