The rate of irradiate is roughly 3 × 10⁸ m/s. There are approximately 3.16 × 10⁷ seconds in 1 year. Use these worths to work out how far a beam of irradiate will travel in 1 year. Give your answer come 2 far-ranging figures.

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The speed of light is about three times 10 to the strength of eight meters per second. Over there are approximately 3.16 times 10 to the power of seven seconds in one year. Usage these worths to job-related out how much a beam of light will take trip in one year. Provide your answer to two significant figures.

Okay, therefore let’s start by underlining every the essential stuff provided to us in the question. An initial of all, we’ve been offered the speed of light. The happens to be three times 10 to the power of eight meters every second. Secondly, we’ve likewise been provided the variety of seconds in one year.

What we’ve to be asked to execute is to work out how far — that is, we need to work out a distance — how much the beam of irradiate will travel in one year.

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We likewise know the we require to provide our answer to two far-ranging figures.

so in this question, we’ve been offered two quantities: the speed of light an initial of all, which is generally labelled