Fleas room tiny parasites that feeding on blood of anything warm-blooded. They leave behind itchy, red spots the make this pests incredibly disliked. The most common fleas in the Aiken area room cat fleas and they usually bite cats, dogs and also humans. Fleas perform not have wings but can jump together high as 8 inches. In relationship to body size, if humans could jump together high together fleas, they could hop end skyscrapers!


What execute fleas watch like?

Fleas room tiny, dark reddish-brown insects. They are flat, have 6 legs and also antennae. They have long legs and also lay white, oval-shaped egg so tiny, it deserve to be complicated to view them without a magnifying glass. The easiest method to identify a flea infestation is when you check out those tiny, black color looking bugs hopping near your feet or off the hair of her pet.

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Quick flea facts

Females can lay up to 2,000 eggs in your lifetime

Can live much more than 100 days there is no feeding on blood

Feed from a selection of hosts consisting of humans, dogs, other trained animals, and also birds

Do not fly yet can jump number of inches

Flea habits and also behaviors

During their 100 work life span, a mrs flea can develop 400-500 offspring. They feed turn off of blood and once lock have uncovered a host, such together a person or an animal, they continue to be there at every times. Since they have actually no wings, they jump from location to location to discover a food source. Lock not only infest person homes, they also infest houses of wild animals. Fleas additionally often found on clothing or blankets. If you start to view fleas in her home, that is possible that you currently have a full-blown flea infestation.

Are fleas dangerous?

Fleas space not only the most typical transmitter of the bubonic plague, however they are likewise known come transmit various other bacterial diseases. They can also transfer tapeworms and cause pet to come to be anemic. If the wasn’t enough, their saliva can cause an allergic skin reaction in pets and people, and when they bite, they leave behind itchy, red bumps.

It is very recommended the flea monitoring becomes component of caring for her pet. Flea treatments have to be to buy from her veterinarian come ensure effectiveness.

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Does Aiken law fleas?

You bet we do. Because fleas have the right to reproduce so fast, be so tough to see, and nearly impossible to kill, the is vital to to trust a professional to aid you get rid of fleas.Give united state a callright far if you doubt a flea infestation.