Triathlon swim Distances

The swim distances for the various triathlon distances are below. Friend can likewise check out our triathlon training programs. If you’re searching for swim gear, examine out our height swim goggles, top wetsuits, and top swimskins.

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Sprint distance Triathlon – Swim distances will vary. Normal distance will be ¼ mile or around 500 yards.

International distance Triathlon – swimming distance will vary. Distance may variety from ½ mile to 1.5k or 800-1700 yards.

Olympic distance Triathlon – Swim distance is 1.5k or about 1700 yards.

Half Iron street Triathlon – Swim street is 1.2 mile or roughly 2000 yards.

Iron street Triathlon – Swim distance is 2.4 mile or roughly 4000 yards.

Pool Miles, Yards, and Length Distances

The counter are below for miles, yards, and also lengths. Friend can likewise view our swim workouts here.

25 Yard swimming pool (Short Course)

25 yards (from wall surface to wall)1 length0.5 Lap
50 yards2 lengths1 Lap
100 yds4 lengths2 Laps
¼ mile (Sprint Distance)about 500 yards20 lengths10 Laps
½ mileabout 800 yards32 lengths16 Laps
1 mile(Olympic Distance)about 1700 yards68 lengths34 Laps
1.2 miles(Half Ironman Distance)about 2000 yards80 lengths40 Laps
2.4 mile (Ironman Distance)about 4000 yards160 lengths80 Laps

50 Meter swimming pool (Olympic Size)

50 meters (from wall surface to wall)1 length
100 meters2 lengths
¼ mile (Sprint Distance)about 400 meters8 lengths
½ mileabout 800 meters16 lengths
1 mile(Olympic Distance)about 1700 meters30 lenghts
1.2 miles(Half Ironman Distance)about 2000 meters40 lengths
2.4 mile (Ironman Distance)about 4000 meters80 lengths

How many laps in a swimming pool is a mile?

One mile is 68 lengths the the pool, or 34 laps (there and back) in a 25 garden pool. In Olympic size pools (50 meters), one mile is approximately 30 lengths, or 15 laps.

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How lengthy is 1.2 miles swimming?

1.2 mile is the length of the fifty percent Ironman swimming distance. In a 25 yard pool, 1.2 miles is roughly 2000 yards, or 80 lengths. In an Olympic dimension pool it’s around 40 lengths.