A foot (pl. feet) is a typical length unit offered in imperial system and also the present US customary unit system. A foot is same to 0.3048 meter. This unit the length has actually been used in Europe since the times of the Roman empire and old Greece. A foot has 12 inches, and 3 foot make a yard. The abbreviation because that foot is ft.

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Convert Feet

A kilometer is amongst the many widely supplied metric systems of distance and also length, including the countries traditionally utilizing the royal system units. One kilometer is equal to 1000 meters. Kilometer is used for measure up distances between geographical points choose cities or towns, measuring the length of a route or a river, and so on.

Convert Kilometer

This is a very easy to usage feet to kilometre converter.First of all just kind the feet (ft) worth in the text field of the conversion form to start converting ft to km,then pick the decimals value and finally struggle convert button if auto calculation didn"t work. Kilometer worth will it is in converted automatically as friend type.

The decimals worth is the number of digits to it is in calculated or rounded of the result of feet to kilometre conversion.

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You can likewise check the feet to kilometer conversion chart below, or go ago to feet to kilometer converter come top.

1 ft0.0003048 km
2 ft0.0006096 km
3 ft0.0009144 km
4 ft0.0012192 km
5 ft0.001524 km
6 ft0.0018288 km
7 ft0.0021336 km
8 ft0.0024384 km
9 ft0.0027432 km
10 ft0.003048 km
11 ft0.0033528 km
12 ft0.0036576 km
13 ft0.0039624 km
14 ft0.0042672 km
15 ft0.004572 km
16 ft0.0048768 km
17 ft0.0051816 km
18 ft0.0054864 km
19 ft0.0057912 km
20 ft0.006096 km
21 ft0.0064008 km
22 ft0.0067056 km
23 ft0.0070104 km
24 ft0.0073152 km
25 ft0.00762 km
26 ft0.0079248 km
27 ft0.0082296 km
28 ft0.0085344 km
29 ft0.0088392 km
30 ft0.009144 km
31 ft0.0094488 km
32 ft0.0097536 km
33 ft0.0100584 km
34 ft0.0103632 km
35 ft0.010668 km
36 ft0.0109728 km
37 ft0.0112776 km
38 ft0.0115824 km
39 ft0.0118872 km
40 ft0.012192 km
41 ft0.0124968 km
42 ft0.0128016 km
43 ft0.0131064 km
44 ft0.0134112 km
45 ft0.013716 km
46 ft0.0140208 km
47 ft0.0143256 km
48 ft0.0146304 km
49 ft0.0149352 km
50 ft0.01524 km

50 ft0.01524 km
55 ft0.016764 km
60 ft0.018288 km
65 ft0.019812 km
70 ft0.021336 km
75 ft0.02286 km
80 ft0.024384 km
85 ft0.025908 km
90 ft0.027432 km
95 ft0.028956 km
100 ft0.03048 km
105 ft0.032004 km
110 ft0.033528 km
115 ft0.035052 km
120 ft0.036576 km
125 ft0.0381 km
130 ft0.039624 km
135 ft0.041148 km
140 ft0.042672 km
145 ft0.044196 km
150 ft0.04572 km
155 ft0.047244 km
160 ft0.048768 km
165 ft0.050292 km
170 ft0.051816 km
175 ft0.05334 km
180 ft0.054864 km
185 ft0.056388 km
190 ft0.057912 km
195 ft0.059436 km
200 ft0.06096 km
205 ft0.062484 km
210 ft0.064008 km
215 ft0.065532 km
220 ft0.067056 km
225 ft0.06858 km
230 ft0.070104 km
235 ft0.071628 km
240 ft0.073152 km
245 ft0.074676 km
250 ft0.0762 km
255 ft0.077724 km
260 ft0.079248 km
265 ft0.080772 km
270 ft0.082296 km
275 ft0.08382 km
280 ft0.085344 km
285 ft0.086868 km
290 ft0.088392 km
295 ft0.089916 km