as soon as you think around it, there are well-off kids, affluent kids, mega-rich kids and then there space the Mayweathers.

While plenty of famous movie stars and athletes have kids that are really comfortable, few can enhance that the the children of Floyd Mayweather Jr. The retired, undefeated, boxer has amassed a luck bigger most professional athletes and his four children are beneficiaries come that.

regardless of having a world-famous father, his kids have stayed relatively "under-the-radar". That being said, as a result of their father"s success in the ring, the Mayweather kids have knowledgeable a variety of once-in-a-lifetime experience all before their twenties. Here are 14 tiny Known Facts about Floyd Mayweather"s kids.

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14 Young Thug Performed in ~ Zion Mayweather"s Sweet 16

even if it is it it is in the bouncy castle, the clown or other else, as soon as you space young birthdays stand the end a lot. When it comes to a Sweet 16 the is even more memorable, well, in terms of sixteen-year-old birthdays, few are prefer Zion Mayweather"s. A new Mercedes-Benz, non-alcoholic bottle service, oh, and Young Thug together a guest performer.

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13 Floyd Mayweather has actually Started to teach His child to Box

If you room trying to end up being a boxer then you will need 2 things. A strong link with her trainer that will overview you through all the ups and downs of your potential career and also other who experienced sufficient to aid you hone her skills. Together it turns out Koraun Mayweather has actually both all rolled right into one. Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather is Koraun"s brand-new boxing coach, perhaps currently it"s time come watch the end for a new Mayweather in the ring.

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12 Koraun Mayweather have the right to Ball

Okay, for this reason he is no Bronny James or Zaire Wade, and also yes, the proof of this is from a charity basketball video game so the defense was lacking in part parts, but Koraun Mayweather is no slouch on the basketball court. Footage of Mayweather"s eldest child on the hardcourt display him routinely making buckets from past the arc. Although based on competition from the boy of players like LeBron James and Dwayne Wade, it might be smart for the earliest Mayweather to continue to be off that the basketball courts.

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11 Iyanna Mayweather had A stunner 14th Birthday

Floyd Mayweather"s 2nd oldest kid and also oldest daughter had an unbelievable 14th birthday party. The then 14-year-old gained not one, but two, brand-new Mercedes-Benz cars, a 550 S-Class and also a G-Class. On peak of that Iyanna"s fourteenth birthday was blessed by among the biggest pop stars of every time, Justin Bieber, when he to be at the optimal of his fame. Not also shabby for a 14th birthday.

10 Jirah Mayweather has an Extravagant Garage

Floyd Mayweather is recognized to have actually an extensive, and also expensive, fleet of cars. However, youngest daughter Jirah Mayweather is quite close come rivaling she father, specifically considering she is only a couple of years right into being a teenager. Jirah already has a Bentley continent GT and also Flying Spur, a BMW X7, a Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

9 Iyanna Mayweather Graduated institution at 15!

While her father has impressed within the boxing ring, Iyanna Mayweather holds every one of the acclaim in the scholastic world. The daughter of Floyd Mayweather and Melissia Brim, Iyanna cruised with high school, technically finishing and also eligible come graduate in ~ the tender age of 15. However, Iyanna waited until she was 18 to walk throughout the stage to acquire her diploma so the she might do it v her college friends.

8 Jirah Mayweather Would Been Floyd Jr If She was A Boy

Jirah Mayweather has been maintained out of the public eye for most of she life therefore far. Now with a couple of thousands that subscribers top top YouTube, Jirah Mayweather and her mom Josie Harris, revealed that if she to be a young she would have been called Floyd Jr. As there is already a Floyd Mayweather Sr. And also a Floyd Mayweather, it continues to be to be seen if the civilization could handle one more Floyd Jr.

7 Koraun Mayweather Is a Rapper

Koraun Mayweather isn"t limiting himself when it comes to a future career path. The 20-year-old is do the efforts his hand at boxing however he has additionally been throwing part punches in the recording booth. Performing under the surname "King Koraun," he has actually released a debut solitary "Racks" which has actually amassed over 250,000 theatre on YouTube, with 4 other song receiving varying levels of plays.

6 Drake and also Future play at Iyanna"s Sixteenth birthday Party

If you role up and read around Iyanna Mayweather"s 14th birthday, well that was simply it getting started, held at The Mirage Hotel and also Casino, Floyd "Money" Mayweather traction out all of the stops. Drake and Future both performed and of course, there to be the customary Mercedes-Benz car connected as well. This performance confirmed to it is in a good warm-up because that Drake and also Future that went top top to stage a massive summer tour adhering to the party.

5 Floyd Mayweather offered His 14-year-old Daughter A Rolls-Royce

Cars have actually proved to be a significant part of the life that both Floyd Mayweather and also his kids. The is tough to emphasize that point an ext than a 2 am speak to from Floyd to order a $400,000 white Rolls-Royce Wraith. Destined for Jirah Mayweather, Floyd went v with the purchase due to the fact that he want "his fourteen-year-old daughter come ride in style."

4 gift A Rapper operation in the Family

no to be done by she older brother, Iyanna Mayweather has actually ventured into the music and rap human being as well. Only 5 months younger 보다 Koraun, Iyanna performs under the surname "Money Yaya", through her track "Oh okay Remix" at this time garnering over 1.5million theatre on YouTube.

3 Iyanna Mayweather"s 18th Birthday present Topped it All

certain you can not be ailing of Iyanna Mayweather"s parties yet since her 18th birthday existing topped it all. Forget the cars, artist performing and the rest. On her 18th, Floyd Mayweather offered his eldest daughter a 30-carat ring! called the Canary Pristine ring, it has a facility of 18-carat canary diamonds surrounded by a aur of smaller sized diamonds.

2 The Mayweather Kids Have various Moms

Floyd Mayweather"s children may share the same father, but there room two different Moms. 3 of Floyd Mayweather"s kids, Koraun, Zion and Jirah all have actually Josie Harris together their mother. Iyanna Mayweather, just five months younger than Koraun, is the daughter the Melissa Brim.

1 Floyd Gifted Iyanna A Mercedes-Benz G63

The affiliation through extravagant gifts seems to know no finish for the Mayweather family. So to, is the adoration the all things Mercedes-Benz. After handing out multiple Mercedez-Benz cars to his kids, Floyd gifted Iyanna a brand-new $150,000 Mercedes-Benz G63 as component of she graduation present.

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