If you’ve to be following Jamie Foxx‘s career lengthy enough, you will know that that is a guy of numerous talents — he has made united state laugh, cry and also sometimes both at the very same time. However, that is an ext than just a Hollywood heavyweight, the is also a fantastic and loving father to 2 girls!

The Oscar winner had his an initial child in 1994, daughter Corinne, through his companion at the time, Connie Kline. The Oscar winner is known to store the identification of his eldest kid’s mother a mystery. “Just in general, my dad is like the many supportive dad in the world,” Corrine when told People.

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“The fact that the believes in me without a doubt it provides me the to trust to execute so much. That man. I have the right to see sometimes when we’re shooting to win Shazam he’ll look in ~ me and he’s simply like, ‘My small girl!"” Corinne added. How very sweet!


Corinne Foxx share Sweet Tribute to Talented Dad Jamie

“The truth that he believes in me there is no a doubt, it gives me the trust to execute so much. The man. I have the right to see sometimes when we’re shooting win Shazam he’ll look in ~ me and also he’s simply like, ‘My small girl!"” Corinne added. How incredibly sweet!

Corinne to be 11 year old once her dad won the best Actor Oscar for Ray in 2005. Jamie brought her together his day for the biggest experienced moment of his life. “It to be fabulous,” he gushed in an interview the very same year. “I look because that every opportunity to combine my bond with my daughter. Together a father working in Hollywood, I recognize there will be plenty of times as soon as I need to be far from her. We video clip chat every the time,” that confessed.

“Connecting through my daughter is the most necessary thing in my life — the priority,” the said about Corinne in 2005. “I desire to be a guy who shows up because that her. I desire to have actually such a large influence on her, so the she to know she can contact me around anything, i m sorry she does. ‘Daddy, the dog is dying — have the right to you perform something? It’s not gonna die,’ i told her.”

“When mine daughter was 6, she mom and I were having some challenges, and also at that point, that would’ve to be so straightforward for me come say ‘Forget this. I’m Jamie Foxx. Ns don’t treatment what girlfriend do. I’ll just send the check.’ but instead that pulling back, I relocated toward mine daughter,” that revealed.

Corinne isn’t an only child either, together 15 year later, the Just Mercy star ended up being a dad of two — the welcomed one more girl, Annalise, who he shares with his ex Kristin Grannis. The pair are even quite successful at coparenting.

Annalise has had the benefit of being about her dad together his career went into overdrive. “I was talk to Al Pacino in 1999, and also I asked just how do ns go away to movie a movie and leave my kids behind. And also he told me you have to carry them with you,” Jamie said Popsugar in 2015.


“I wasn’t functioning a lot throughout the time of my earliest daughter, so ns didn’t have to be away the much. Yet my youngest daughter go absolutely almost everywhere with me. It’s an excellent because currently she understands why i’m going and also what ns doing. And a many of good things have actually happened together a result,” Jamie admitted.

He continued, “But top top the flip side, I have to put it into perspective. Ns remind her that this doesn’t take place to everybody and that this is a charmed life: it have the right to be right here today and gone this afternoon. Ns lucky that both that my kids seem to understand that.”

Scroll on down to learn around Jamie’s two wonderful daughters Corinne and Annalise!


Corinne Foxx

The eldest that Jamie’s kids, Corinne is a 2016 graduate the the university of southern California. She is a model and an actress, who can right now be checked out cohosting Jamie’s famous game show, Beat Shazam, with her father. In fact, she been functioning alongside she dad due to the fact that she was a young kid — she make a cameo on The Jamie Foxx Show when she was just six. Corinne has also appeared ~ above MTV’s Sweet/Vicious and was also Miss Golden Globe in 2016.

When she isn’t on television, Corinne stays rather busy modeling, together she has functioned with everyone from Kenneth Cole to Ralph Lauren to Dolce & Gabbana. She made brand-new New York Fashion week debut in 2016, wade in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 extravaganza.

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Annalise Bishop

Annalise, who holds her father’s surname (Jamie supplies Foxx in Hollywood), is the youngest in the household, but she is simply as outgoing together her dad and half-sister. The tiny one has actually accompanied Jamie on countless red carpet events, including the 2015 Grammys, whereby she stole the display by meeting lots of notable and famous people.

She walked the red carpet v her dad and half-sister Corinne at the 2020 death Awards, and also she’s sure grown up since the Grammys 5 years prior. She was almost as tall as her father!

We mean Annalise to join her dad for future projects as with Corinne has done!