Nowadays, it’s become an ext commonplace for households to have countless children, it is in they organic or mixed from various relationships. For celebrities with wealthy lifestyles, that form of dynamic is more prevalent in the contemporary age and also for part it’s even a life goal. The wasn’t long ago that Nick Cannon welcomed four babies by three different women every in the same year, bringing his official tally of youngsters up come seven. Shaquille O’Neal and Lil Durk aren’t much behind him, together both proud fathers each have actually six children themselves.

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But there’s one male who put them every to shame, and he go by the surname of George Foreman. Several of you might be asking, “Who’s that?” and if that’s the case, then he was either prior to your time or friend don’t monitor the background of boxing. Let’s break it down.

Who is George Foreman?


Born Jan. 10, 1949, George Foreman is a former skilled boxer who boxed against greats like Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali. The retired because that a when to end up being a minister in the ’70s, climate came back in the mid-’90s to win the unified WBA and IBF heavyweight championship titles at the age of 45. That retired 3 years later on in 1997 at the period of 48 v a last record of 76 wins (68 of lock by knockout) and also five losses.

Aside from being called one that the 25 best fighters and the 9th best puncher of all time by American boxing magazine The Ring, Foreman was likewise well-known as a ringside analyst because that HBO ~ his retirement. Outside of boxing, that was also a renowned entrepreneur who produced the famed George Foreman Grill, a brand that has actually helped sell much more than a hundreds million systems worldwide.

After selling the commercial legal rights to the grill in 1999 because that a whopping $138 million, Foreman is additionally one of the richest previous boxers in the world. He’s to be inducted into the human being Boxing room of Fame and the international Boxing room of Fame. He also has quite the family life.

How many children does George Foreman have?


Whether you’re a boxing pan or not, what you may not know around Foreman is the he has actually a lot of kids. It has actually been reported that Foreman has twelve children, however if we’re being technical, only ten that them room his organic progeny, when his last two space adopted.

Regardless, even ten biological kids is a lot! but hey, if you’re as affluent as Foreman, climate you deserve to afford to take care of a big family. With five sons and five daughters, remember names is bound to acquire a small confusing, for this reason let’s take it it slow-moving as we break down the Foreman family tree.

The very first fun-but-confusing reality is that all five of Foreman’s young are called George. You read that correctly. The now 71-year-old former boxer does have a an excellent reason because that this odd heritage of repeating his namesake:

“I called all mine sons George Edward Foreman so they would constantly have something in common,” Foreman once wrote ~ above his website. “I say to them, ‘If one of us goes up, then us all go up together. And if one goes under we all go under together!"”

He also once joked that giving every one of his sons the same name do it much easier for him to remember. “If you’re walking to acquire hit as numerous times together I’ve to be hit by Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Evander Holyfield, you’re no going come remember numerous names.” Of course, Foreman doesn’t walk roughly simply call his sons all “George”⏤that would certainly be both confusing and also utterly ridiculous. End time, the “Georges” have developed nicknames to distinguish them from one other.

George Foreman Jr.


According to The Things, George Foreman Jr. Is at this time the co-founder the IYC Capital, i beg your pardon works with startups and assists castle in gaining funding. He’s also a movie producer who has operated on numerous productions consisting of American Inventor, Family Foreman, and also a documentary showcasing the details of his father’s life dubbed Foreman. George Foreman Jr. Is the earliest son in the clan and also comes native the boxer’s former relationship with Pamela Clay.

Natalie Foreman


Natalie Foreman is currently a college professor and also an aspiring singer and also songwriter. Follow to Celebrity Mirror, Natalie is an established nation singer and also has released a pair of tracks. Her facebook biography explains her music together a unique blend the pop, country, with a classic influence. Currently, Natalie is a professor at Lone Star College.

George “Monk” Foreman III


George Foreman III is just one of the couple of Foreman brothers to have walked in his father’s footsteps. The now 38 year-old began his boxing career in 2009 and also ended in 2012 with an superior record the 16-0. He currently owns a boxing gym and also handles the majority of his father’s service affairs.

Leola Foreman


Leola Foreman is sister come Natalie Foreman, both the whom were born indigenous George Foreman’s marriage to mar Joan Martelly. Currently, Leola is a conservative feminist YouTube comedian who has showed up in various TV programs and radio podcasts. You can likewise find her on Instagram under the take care of Lee Mariah Rose.

George “Big Wheel” Foreman IV

George Foreman IV is a public relations expert. Not much else is known around the man exterior of his Twitter bio, which claims that “he’s influenced by innovative solutions in the capability of people to constantly evolve and also improve.” follow to Nicki Swift, George IV at this time runs Foreman PR and Marketing. The apparently also has an attention in stock trading, as he newly joined the Robinhood application as one investor.

Georgetta Foreman

One the the few daughters named after she father, Georgetta Foreman likewise works alongside her brothers George “Big Wheel” Foreman IV in public relations. She’s also a television producer who has helped develop shows choose Supreme Justice through Judge Karen and also Divorce Court.

George “Red” Foreman V

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A mysterious member the the Foreman siblings, George Foreman V keeps a relatively low profile. The just public record of him requires a domestic attack case in 2014 in between him and also his wife. Girlfriend can additionally find that on Instagram.

Freeda Foreman

Just like her brothers Monk, Freeda Foreman test to follow in her father’s footsteps. She started her boxing career in 2000 and had a experienced record that 5-1 before retiring in 2001. She likewise did a voiceover for the animated series King of the Hill in 2003. Unfortunately, Freeda is no much longer with us. In in march of 2019, she was found unresponsive at her house in Houston. The fatality was later evidenced a suicide.

George “Little Joey” Foreman VI

The youngest George in the Foreman family, little Joey is simply as low-profile as the rest of his siblings. Not much is known around the young man external of the various photos and also captions the his father leaves on his Twitter.

Michi Foreman

Last yet not least, there’s Michi Foreman. Choose her younger brothers, Michi also prefers to keep a low profile. External of her facebook profile, there’s not lot known about her.

The 2 newest Foreman additions 

In enhancement to his 10 children, George Foreman an elderly (also well-known as big George to his sons) also adopted two other daughters, Isabella and Courtney. Isabella Brande Lilja Foreman was adopted by the Foreman household in 2009 and also is right now a blogger who resides in Sweden and goes by the name “BellaNeutella.” Her adopted sister, Courtney Isaac Foreman, was embraced by the household in 2012. Of course, as with the rest of the Foreman clan, they too keep a low profile and live very secluded lives.

After having a turbulent life as a child, it provides sense why George Foreman would have so much love because that children. It appears that he simply wants to give the younger generation the childhood he never ever had⏤so lot so that also after having actually 10 kids, the went and embraced two more.

His soft clues for increasing children also led the former boxer-turned-pastor to open the George Foreman Youth and Community center in Houston, Texas. Follow to account from his book, By George: The Autobiography of George Foreman, the newly ordained minister tapped into his own retirement fund to buy a warehouse and refurbish it into a gym. Fitted through weights, a basketball court, boxing gloves, and a boxing ring, Foreman opened the youth facility in 1977, which still stands to this day. His hope was to administer children v a for sure place and also productive distraction native the entice of street life, offering some the them with the finest childhood possible.

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For Foreman, it appears that raising kids was constantly one of his biggest priorities, even if they weren’t his own. It is for the selflessness that us applaud and commend him.