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Cam Newton is one of the an ext polarizing quarterbacks in the NFL. The man known as Superman proved his worth at every level, win the 2015 NFL MVP and also playing in a at sight Bowl with the Carolina Panthers after winning a Heisman Trophy and national championship in ~ Auburn.

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When he’s not dressing self in absurd and also hilarious outfits, the former an initial overall pick and fashionista is setting world records ~ above Youtube and also making headlines for saying he’s giving increase sex to become a better quarterback. How’d that work-related for him?

The Carolina Panthers quarterback-turned-New-England-Patriots-quarterback hasn’t precisely shined in throwing touchdowns and filling Tom Brady’s pair of shoes in Massachusetts. Nonetheless, the previous Heisman winner, who started his college job at the college of Florida, has discovered love again after splitting from his longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor regardless of fathering four youngsters with her.

Who is cam Newton’s Ex-GirlfriendKia Proctor?

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Kia Proctor first gained fame as a dancer under the surname ‘Hazel’ in ~ Washington DC stadium Club, a piece club in Washington, D.C.

It’s unknown if Newton, who is from Atlanta, met Proctor while she was a stripper, however she moved to the Georgia city to job-related as a party host and pursue a modeling career after she dancing career.


Proctor and also Newton started dating in 2013 and an initial appeared together in public in ~ the Kentucky Derby. In the year after, lock showed face at events like the 3rd Annual NFL Honors in new York City in 2014 and began to start a household the complying with year.

Newton and Proctor’s 4 Children

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Proctor and Newton invited their an initial child the day prior to Christmas in 2015, a baby boy called Chosen Sebastian Newton. The three-time pro Bowl quarterback has talked about his love because that fatherhood, also writing a letter to preferred in The Players’ Tribune that additionally mentioned his relationship with Chosen’s baby mama.

“Your mom is the finest thing to occur to me,” he wrote. “Yet I have failed in part regards. But I tho love she unconditionally.”

Newton has actually three other children with Proctor — daughter Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton in 2017, child Camidas Swain Newton in 2018 and their fourth child, Cashmere Saint Newton in December 2019.


Clearly, video camer is pretty fond of his name. And also fashion.

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Proctor likewise has 12-year-old daughter Shakira from a vault relationship. Things between Newton and also Proctor started to cake in 2019 which resulted in a custody battle.

Cam Newton’s girl friend La Reina Shaw

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