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In July 2010, when Boosie was in prison awaiting trial for the shooting of terrycloth Boyd, Decuir was arrested and accused of do the efforts to lug drugs into jail, WAFB report at the time. The WAFB report claims that before Boosie’s arrest, he and also Decuir had been living together.

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Boosie was later acquitted on killing charges however spent time in prison on drug charges from 2012 till 2014. WDSU report in 2014 that in exchange because that a guilty plea, Decuir received five years that probation.

Decuir published a Novel around a Cheating Rapper Boyfriend who Leaves His High institution Sweetheart for the Daughter of one NFL Legend

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In 2014, Decuir released a novel, When the Music Stops. The publication features the story that a woman from Baton Rouge who has actually been date the city’s most popular rapper due to the fact that she was 14. The female character is named Sherrell Devore. The rapper’s surname is Baisean “Bae” Torrei. Boosie BadAzz’s genuine name is Torrence Hatch.

In the story, Sherrell Devore goes to prison for the rapper. Later, the rapper leaves her because that the daughter of a fictional NFL great, Gene Anderson. At the time of the book’s release, Boosie to be rumored come be dating Deion Sanders’ daughter, Deiondra Sanders.

According come Vlad TV, Decuir has admitted that the publication “is based upon her own life.” The book’s blurb ends through the lines, “It’s a perfect people until the music stops… The inquiry is will certainly she have the ability to survive the punch of can be fried betrayal delivered by her one true love.”

Boosie said in a 2020 Interview that He Wished His youngsters Had the very same Mother

ns asked Boosie if he began over now what the would execute different? The convo led to his love for his kids and thoughts on significant Label deals vs remaining Independent. . . . #FreeGame #TerriThomas #Motivation #Inspiration #WordsOfWisdom #HumpDay #Boosie #IilBoosie #BoosieBadAzz

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In a January 2020 interview v Terri thomas of 97.9 The Box, Boosie claimed he regretted the truth that his kids had various mothers. Boosie said:

I’d keep my very same kids, just fewer baby mothers. I feel like I should’ve skeeted in the exact same woman and also put them all in her instead of being so young, and also you gotta watch the end for that, you recognize having kids at a young age.

I just tell lock to chase they dreams. First, lock gotta knock out school. Institution is an extremely important to my household, to mine kids because my mama increased me for that to be important in mine life.

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You know I motivate my kids, and also I save ’em wanting more. I’m simply steady providin’ a better life for them, the childhood 보다 what ns had. That means a lot take to me, offering them a better childhood 보다 what ns had.