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Bill asks:

What are the 21 feet at the bottom of the cribbage plank for?

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Bill is of course referring come the holes suggested on this cribbage plank below:


You will find those holes on any kind of standard Cribbage board. You are much less likely to uncover them on the specialty cribbage boards(like the cribbage board shaped prefer a “29”).

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Those feet are provided to save track that the amount of gamings a player has won. Traditionally when playing Cribbage you don’t play just 1 video game – girlfriend play an “up to” series, v “up come 7 wins” series of Cribbage gift the famous choice.

You usage the bottom feet to store track the the games won by every player. This is also very handy if girlfriend play over a duration of time, rather than in one sitting.

This is why every Cribbage plank comes with 3 pegs the the very same colour. 1 that the pegs is come be supplied to keep track of gamings won.

As you have the right to see in the over board – that is color coded, so the is very easy to store track of who has actually won yet many games. In some cribbage board there will certainly be no shade coding. In cases like this, the is why you have the extra colour peg – you usage that to signify which player has actually won those games.

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