There's to be a most talk this week around revisions to Australia's education system; boosting fees for liberal arts degrees, the virtues that transitioning to individualised learning and so on.

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So when the topic is former of mind, deserve to we additionally talk about a fairly unsettling learning void exposed by a previous winner of The Bachelor?

Yes? Cool.

Laura Byrne, podcast host and also partner that Matty Johnson, has actually highlighted just just how lacklustre sex/biology education and learning is in this country by asking a straightforward question about female anatomy. Pretty much the most simple question.

"How many holes does a woman have actually down there?"

To be clear, Laura is referring to females born biologically female.

Get to you what's in your lady garden, v this handy field guide. (Post continues below.)

(For those playing along at house the answer because that most organic females is three: the urethra, the vagina and the anus. Keep reading for a handy diagram.)

The object was originally broached on Life Uncut, a podcast she hosts with other Bachelor alum Brittany Hockley, as soon as an anonymous listener common that her masculine partner thought that females possess just one multi-purpose hole beneath their vulva.

Convinced the to ~ Listener mustn't be alone, Byrne issued a call-out via she Instagram story.

"Guys, if girlfriend listened to today’s episode, us asked a really important question and also I need to know your answers," she posed. "That is, if you have asked your boyfriends or her brothers, or any kind of other males in her life, if they understand how numerous holes a woman has down there?"

Then this happened...

"I just asked my partner thinking there to be no way he would acquire it wrong," one human being replied. "He stated two and also then stated 'no way show me!'"

And this: "I asked mine boyfriend, and also he said, 'three plus her bumhole. One because that peeing, one for sex and one because that pregnancy.'"

Also this: "Four. One for urinating, one because that number twos, one for period and one for uterus."

A comfortable diagram the the woman genital area. Image: Getty. 

'No. Nuh uh. Certain not,' we thought. Has primary-school level anatomical education truly failed united state so?

What about that lesson in the college library in i m sorry a cheery middle-aged mrs made you pen the name of girls' bits top top a large diagram?

Or healthy Harold?! This must have actually been somewhere amongst the points we learned from the grubby, disembodied giraffe puppet?


We checked simply in case. And also well, clearly, wrong.

A brief and also rather unsettling poll that the guys in our lives revealed answers ranging from 2 to six. 

To be fair, in the situation of the sample maximum, the subject was also counting ears and nostrils.

Here's one exchange:

Subject: "Two. I don't know."Interviewer: "Below the waist...?"Subject: "I don't know, i don't know. Three."

And an additional response: "In the totality region? I know it’s at least three..."

There was also a fairly head-scratching insistence the there is another hole in ~ the vagina, prefer some kind of genital inception.

It's essential to tension that inaccurate responses were additionally given by females (note: the urethra appears to it is in the source of much confusion). More research is required to recognize if this is gendered issue.

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Feel cost-free to get involved by questioning the world in her life (excluding colleagues/casual acquaintances/your barista, etc.) and rebab.netmenting below.