This depends on the size (shape, too) and weight the the balloons. A good rule of thumb is that a liter of Helium will lift approximately a gram – or 1000 liters of gaseous Helium come lift a kilogram. (This is calculated subtracting the helium density from the air thickness of 1.204 g/L – 0.179 g/L) = 1.025 g/L network lift.

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Estimating a not-to-small party balloon (11-inches in diameter) come hold around the very same net lifting helium (Except because that the load of the balloon) together a 10-inch round of standard pressure (1 atm): It will certainly lift about 8.6 grams since the volume the a ball this dimension is around 8.6 liters. A 100-pack that my inexpensive commercial 11-inch party ballons weigh very close come 12 ounces i m sorry comes the end to about 3.4 grams each.


So the net lift of one 11-party balloon is the helium elevator minus the balloon’s weight:

8.6g-3.4g = 5.2 grams.

Let’s call it 5 grams even as you will certainly probably have things favor string or a ice of some type to tie or connect things to the balloon. A kilogram is 1000 grams, for this reason 1000/5 = 200 balloons will certainly be required to elevator the kilogram.

If you usage bigger balloons the load of the balloons and strings i beg your pardon in this instance consumes practically 42% that the helium’s lift can be cut down come only around 10-15% loss. Yet those would be 5 or 6 foot ballons which cost up to $15 each. Through 100-200 that those filled v helium, a full grown man, his lawn chair, and also many gallons the water have the right to float up to practically 15,000 feet and possibly the next state/country, as Kent Couch the Oregon has demonstrated. That is a 75-100 kilogram payload. Each ballon has a net lift of between 1 kilogram and 2 1/2 kilograms depending on the optimal fill amount.

to lift a 150 lb human being ~If you were utilizing an mean Amusement Park balloon containing around 14 liters the helium, you would certainly need about 4852 balloons…Thats a the majority of balloons!

How countless helium balloons walk it require to lift a 5 stone person ~1 rock = 14lbs

5 rock = 70 pounds.

80 balloons elevator 1 lb

5600 balloons needed!

How many Helium Balloons would certainly It take to Lift one Average human being Off The Ground…?6,000 come 7,000 ballons according to the Mythbusters show on the discovery channel.

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Tip _ who accually did that !!! check out all about it !!True Story ~~ legacy of Lawnchair Larry no ~~Kent Couch that Oregon flew 193 miles on a lawn chair attached to helium balloons, emulating the startle 1982 trip over mountain Pedro by the late Larry Walters. Here’s the AP story ~ above Couch, and also an old daily Breeze story on Walters. His experience was marked by mishaps, like dropping the pellet gun he required to shoot balloons come descend, but Walters reached 16,000 feet and was spotted through airline pilots before landing in strength lines in lengthy Beach. He payment a $1,500 fine come the FAA, and also when request why that did the quipped, “A male can’t simply sit around.” Walters committed self-destruction in 1993.