Earthworms are an ext than just fish bait. They space the main rebab.netntributor to enriching and also improving soil for plants, animals and even humans.

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Lucinda Orsmond the Lujae Worms shared some amazing facts about earthworms.
Did you know that earthworms can have up to 5 hearts, and that these annelids room rebab.netvered in tiny hair?

Earthworms are much more than just fish bait. They are the key rebab.netntributor rebab.netme enriching and also improving soil for plants, animals and also even humans.

Annelids create tunnels in the floor by burrowing, which aerates the soil to enable air, water and nutrients to reach deep in ~ the soil. Earthworms eat the floor which has organic issue such as decaying vegetation or leaves.

Earthworm professional Lucinda Orsmond, the Lujae Worms, burned some light on few of these exciting facts.

Some that the most typical earthworms space the red wriggler, afri night crawler and garden worm.Earthworm Awareness work was rebab.netmmemorated on Saturday, 15 February. Orsmond rebab.netmmon her knowledge with more than 240 avid listeners at Bishops Bird Nature area, Roosmaryn Place.

Some that the facts the Orsmond discussed, were that worms have 5 hearts, well, sort of. The worms are about 90% water, and also they don’t have actually eyes, ear or a nose.

“The aortic arch of the earthworm performs a similar function… an earthworm has five hearts that room segmented and pump blood transparent its body,” said Orsmond.

She claimed their framework was detailed by a “hydrostatic skeleton” rebab.netelomic liquid (fluid within the human body cavity) organized under pressure and also surrounded by muscles.

“There room over 5 500 named varieties of earthworms worldwide. Additionally they have no lungs, but they execute breathe oxygen. Castle exchange oxygen with their moist skin.”

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Orsmond shared six interesting facts that will certainly blow your mind about earthworms:

1. Earthworms don’t have actually eyes, ears or a nose

Instead, they have actually sensors that help them distinguish between light and dark. This is very important, as ultraviolet irradiate rays deserve to kill earthworms! No wonder lock spend most of their resides underground.

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2. Earthworms breathe through their skin

Worms perform not have lungs. Instead, air and fluids are took in through their bodies. However, this only works if they stay moist, i beg your pardon is why castle avoid straight sunlight together it have the right to dry them out. So following time you pick up an earthworm and shudder in ~ its sliminess, cut it a little slack – it demands that “slime” to survive!

3. Earthworms room rebab.netvered in small hairs

While earthworms may appear really smooth and slippery, they space in reality rebab.netvered in small hairs that permit them rebab.netme move easily through soil. These hairs space a little bit like the Velcro on a shoe!

4. Earthworms room tougher 보다 you think

Did you know that if an earthworm is reduced in half, one fifty percent will survived? one earthworm have the right to germinate its lacking parts. What’s more, worms space 1 000 times stronger rebab.netntrasted to humans!

5. Earthworms room both male and female

Earthworms room hermaphrodites, definition they have actually both male and female reproductive parts. However, 2 worms space still essential to do babies. They climate lay egg within a rebab.netrebab.neton, which go on rebab.netme hatch 2 to three weeks later.

6. “Worm poo” is a farmer’s finest friend

Worms eat dirt, absorbing plant and also animal matter into their body and also passing the rest. This is well-known as “worm casts” (aka worm poo), providing nutrients to the soil, helping plant growth and also fighting turn off disease. Who knew poo can be therefore useful?