Let me clean something very first heart that ns am mentioning today is different from the valentines heart. We will talk around real the heart, i.e. A pumping maker responsible because that circulation.

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Different types have different types of hearts. Some have one when some have many. Some can row a heart if the first one fails and some carry out not even need one.

Among this questions, there is a renowned myth that a cow has four hearts? If you likewise believe then continue to be with us till the end.


The love is a body body organ responsible for transferring blood throughout the body. The is a an important organ the helps in the transportation of oxygen in the body.

A usual heart has atria and ventricles. The transports deoxygenated blood from the human body to the lungs. In addition, oxygenated blood from the lung to the heart and also then the body.

The blood dead oxygen and also other nutrients to various parts that the body. In addition, metabolic waste and also carbon dioxide to the lungs.

Animal with distinctive Heart

Two chambered hearts:

Fishes have actually two-chambered hearts. An atrium and a ventricle come stored oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.

Three chambered hearts:

Frogs, groves have a three-chambered heart. Oxygenated blood is separated but de-oxygenated blood is no separated.

Four room hearts:


Humans and birds have actually four-chambered hearts. This chambers assist to store de-oxygenated blood and also oxygenated blood separate.


While a human’s heart weighs approximately 0.3kg, a giraffe’s love weighs 12 kg…oh if this looks hefty to friend then organize your heart as right here comes….

A whale has a heart weighing approximately 430 kg. It is the size of a little car. Well, this is justified regarding circulate blood in a body indistinguishable to 2 buses demands a tiny car-sized heart.

Micro-size Heart

Fairyflies have actually a tiny heart the is not visible to the nude eyes.

Re-grow Heart

Zebrafish has a regenerative heart, i m sorry heals and regenerates chin to a fully functional one.

Animals with much more than one heart


Octopus has three hearts, one come pump their blood and the other two to pump blood to their gills. Similarly, squids also have three hearts.


Yes, do not get surprised, a horse has actually one love with four hearts favor organs. In ~ the bottom of every foot, there is a distinct organ well-known as the frog. This frog acts together a blood reservoir.


Earthworms perform not require a heart. They have actually 5 pseudo-hearts the squeeze ship to circulate blood. Moreover, oxygen is took in by his skin.

Do Cows Have four Hearts?

A cow does not have 4 hearts or four stomachs. Instead, they have actually a four-chambered stomach.

Four chambered Stomach the a Cow

A cow’s stomach has four chambers: Rumen, Reticulum, Omasum, and also Abomasum.

A cow does not chew the food thoroughly. This food gets gathered in the rumen. That breaks under hard foods like grass by mix them v microbes, enzymes, and also digestive juices.

Then it overcome to the next chamber reticulum. This room is additionally called a honeycomb due to its structure. The traps all kinds of undesirable materials.

Moreover, here the food mixes v the salvia to type cud. The cows regurgitate this cud and chew lock properly. Then the food goes ago in Rumen and also then reticulum.

In this reticulum, the food is damaged even right into smaller bits and passed come the third chamber.

The omasum further breaks down the food and separates that from water.

Finally, the following abomasum’s final digestion take away place. Here vital nutrients are soaked up and excess is sent out through the intestines.


So to be it an interesting hearty article? Different pets have their distinct heart but one thing remains the same. A heart is a muscular organ responsible because that blood circulation.

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Moreover, next time you watch a cow psychic to feed it together it has 4 stomachs to to fill in.