Have you ever opened increase a crate of golf balls and wondered why each one has a different number published on it?

Every golf sphere manufacturer will publish one or more numbers onto their balls, and also these numbers have the right to mean different things relying on where they space on the ball, and also who manufactured it.

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Let’s take a closer look at the numbers and why they space there and also what the number on golf balls actually mean.

One-Digit Number


The single-digit number the you find listed below the brand surname smack in the center of the golf ball is usually just there because that identification purposes. This number will range from 0-9, but the most usual numbers printed are 1-4.

The just real objective of the number is to do it less complicated to distinguish your round from your play partners. This helps to certain you each play the exactly ball and also avoid any penalties.

You may uncover that you are playing in a four-ball and also you and also two that your play partners are playing v the very same brand the golf ball. The printed numbers will assist tell them apart transparent the round.

If girlfriend only have actually the exact same number balls, over there is constantly the alternative of including your initials or some other individually identifying mark with a permanent marker pen. Most golfers will perform this anyway.

In a box of 12 golf balls, castle will normally be split into four sleeves, each sleeve containing three balls. Those 3 balls will certainly then all have the same number published on them. So, one sleeve will have three balls with the number ‘1’ top top them, one more sleeve of 3 balls through the number ‘2’ and also so on.

Two-Digit Number

There room a few reasons why a golf round may have a two-digit number printed on it.

Firstly, it may be because that the same reason as stated above concerning the single-digit numbers. I recognize Taylormade and also Titleist use double-digit numbers because that identification functions on part models of their balls. They use the number 00 ideal through also 99. The something a small different.

Secondly, a double-digit number may be supplied to suggest the compression price of the golf ball. This is something that very few manufacturers execute today however it was popular in the 1990s.

Compression ratings ago in the 90s ranged native 70-80 because that a sphere that to be suited to a woman golfer, best up to 100+ because that a ball an ext suited come a masculine golfer. Today, the compression rating is linked much more to your swing rate so a lower compression number would be suited to someone v a slower swing speed for example.

Very couple of golf balls today have these numbers published on them, yet if you space playing an enlarge refurbished round you might still see the compression rating on it.

Three-Digit Number

You may an alert a triple-digit number published on your ball and also that number can selection anywhere from 300-500. This number will certainly usually stand for how plenty of dimples space on the golf ball.

Manufacturers used to publish these number on the balls a lot more than they perform now, for this reason again, the is a number that you could not uncover on the modern-day golf ball.

The dimple count is by no method a depiction of the quality or performance of your golf ball, however, the dimple count will certainly still be pointed out on package somewhere if that is not published on the ball.

If you desire to understand how and why dimples influence a golf ball, examine this video out indigenous Titleist.

Other numbers On a Golf Ball

Many skilled golfers pick to have numbers printed on your golf balls that have a personal meaning to them. Sergio Garcia for example used to play with a number “10” published on his sphere as a tribute come his favourite football team (Real Madrid), who had actually won the Champions league for the 10th time.

Justin climbed has additionally played through the number “99” ~ above his golf ball. While shoot a promotional video for Taylormade he described that his wife Kate’s happy number to be 9 and also so he decided “99” to hopefully dual the luck. The number was likewise printed in gold to stand for his gold medal win throughout the 2016 Olympics.

Rory Mcilroy has had actually the number “22” published on his golf sphere which to be to assist remind the of his wedding anniversary, together he married his mam on April 22nd.

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If you an elaborate a number that way something much more personal come you, Titleist do offer their top of the range balls v an option dubbed “Special beat Numbers” which allows you come customize the number printed on the golf ball. You can choose any double-digit number from “00” all the means up to “99”.