Ever lie awake at night, restless and unable come sleep, simply staring in ~ the ceiling and wondering, “how numerous golf balls room there on the Moon?”


No? Ok, me neither.

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But over there is an answer to this otherwise watch useless bit of trivia.

And for those of friend wondering…the answer is TWO. There currently are two golf balls top top the Moon.

Now, the number is nowhere near the amount of golf balls just waiting to be rescued from her course’s water hazard, however you still can be wondering just exactly how they obtained there.

So here are the specifics because that anyone feather to throw a small useless golf knowledge approximately at your next dinner party:

Both golf balls were hit by the very same person, NASA astronaut Alan Shepard. And also if you assumed you to be obsessed v golf, think around the truth that Alan took the moment to modify an 6-iron club head so the he can smuggle the onboard and attach it come a an equipment normally supplied to collect dust samples.

Also, beside from being the 5th person to ever before walk top top the Moon, Alan hold the title because that being the only person to ever before play golf on the Moon. Take the Neil Armstrong!


After taking a couple of not-so-perfect cut (in his defense it’s pretty easy to fat one in a space suit) legend has actually it that Shepard left two balls up there on the Moon’s surface, where they lie there to this day, wait for someone to uncover them and play them as their own.

And for those of you who really desire to geek out ~ above this, you deserve to read NASA’s transcript indigenous the mission where, among other things comes perhaps many relatable component of this whole story, whereby Alan is quoted saying: “Got an ext dirt than ball. Right here we go again.”

We feel you Alan…and we say thanks to you for bringing our beloved video game to the following frontier.


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