Are you searching for a temporary pool because that this summer? but cannot decision which one to buy? Well, no worry, we’re here to assist you. Top top the market, there space many above ground pools (temporary) pools are obtainable which provides it hard to choose the best one. And you need to consider many things prior to buying a temporary pool. However, we’ve the evaluation the Intex 10×30 metal structure pool. Intex is the most reliable and really popular above ground swimming pool on the market.

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This Intex 10ft metal frame pool is do of steel that makes the pool very durable and sturdy that deserve to last for many summers to come. It creates a good swim surface for you best in front of her backyard. Intex easy set pool increase which is an extremely convenient. 

Intex 10×30 metal structure pool best features

For household fun, the Intex over ground pool is a an excellent choice. The pool structure is rust-resistant, and UV protected, therefore you deserve to use the pool for many years to come.To store the swimming pool water sparkling clean, the pool is consisted of a 330 GPH Filter Pump.You can drainpipe the water by making use of a garden hose the is an extremely convenient. You’ll obtain a filter pump and maintenance kit v this pool.It takes much less than 30 minutes to fill the pool with water. 

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FAQs about the Intex 10×30 Metal structure Pool

Q. What accessories come with this pool?

Intex 10×30 metal frame pool comes through a filter pump and maintenance kit.

Q. Just how to connect the vacuum head come the pool?

With the hose and also both the pole, you’ve to attach the vacuum head.

Q. How many gallons is an Intex 10×30 pool?

This Intex 10×30 metal frame pool is able to organize up come 1500 gallons of water.

Q. Is there a ladder in this pool?

No, there is no ladder in this pool. You can buy the swimming pool ladder separately.

Q. Is the Intex 10×30 metal structure pool is tough?

It is an extremely tough as it is made of metal.

What customers room saying around the Intex 10×30 metal structure pool?

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Intex is the most well-known above-ground swimming pool brand ~ above the sector as we mentioned above. Civilization like this pool for its basic to set up ~ above the ground. And it takes just 30 minute to gain the swim on a warm summer day. Various other reasons human being love this over ground pool room the – it very durable that will certainly last for numerous summers come come, the swimming pool is rust-resistant and UV safeguarded so the color will it is in the exact same always, it comes v a maintain kit and filter pump. 

The 10×30 makes it suitable for the family. It gives an affordable price so world can to buy the Intex over ground swimming pool easily. Customers of this swimming pool recommend others buying this pool for an amazing summertime.

Intex 10×30 metal frame pool Vs Intex 10′ x 30″ steel Frame over Ground Swimming pool – i beg your pardon is the best?

They both space Intex brand pool, despite they the Intex brand however they are various models. To any inflatable models, and complicated steel-walled pools, Intex 10′ x 30″ steel Frame over Ground Swimming swimming pool is a great alternative choice. They nothing take much more than 30 minute to load the water to offer you a great swimming experience.

Both of this Intex metal frame pool to adjust can provide you long-lasting durability the you have the right to use without any issues. As they are made indigenous super-tough Intex materials. Also, this two are resistant to damage and also UV protected. So the color of the pool will always remain the same. 

You can easily set up castle in the backyards of your home, and also they carry out a pump. To save the water the the pool sparkling clean these two carry out a filter. The Intex 10′ x 30″ metal Frame set Swimming Pool offers a maintenance kit, while over there is no maintain kit through the Intex 10′ x 30″ metal frame over the ground swimming pool.

Intex pools are much less expensive compared to any facility above soil pools. As you deserve to see castle both space very daunting to compare, yet you should pick the Intex 10×30 metal structure pool rather than the Intex 10×30 metal-frame above-ground swimming pool. 

Key attributes of the Intex 10×30 Metal structure Pool

Now we’ll talk about the details of the key features the this Intex above ground pool so the it will certainly be much easier for you to choose this. So let’s gain into the discussion…

Easy collection pool

This is rather easy and quick to set up this pool – this is the reason civilization like this as we pointed out above. Before setting up this swimming pool the most important thing to take into consideration is you have to make certain that the ground is leveled completely. If the floor is no leveled climate the water will be unbalanced and unstable. Also, to safeguard the liner from any type of punctures, listed below the pool surface you can place a ground cloth. 

When you must release the water, every you need is just attach the hose to the pole, and also this will release the water. The hose attachment provides it simpler for you. 

Large space

For the household summer fun time, the Intex over ground pool gives a big surface. The pool provides a 10×30 inches surface that is an excellent enough to swim, sit and also relax. And it takes just 30 minute to to fill the swimming pool surface. 


You carry out not love to gain extra goodies v a product? This swimming pool comes through a filter pump (this help you to acquire clear water in the pool), and also a maintain kit. The maintain kit consists of – wall surface brush, skimmer net, vacuum head, and also a 94″ telescoping aluminum pole. Isn’t it amazing?


Intex over ground pool is do from the super-tough metal material that provides this really durable contrasted to other pools top top the market. For plenty of summers, you can store the pool as that is easy to maintain as well. If you’re in search of a resilient pool climate you should choose this Intex 10×30 metal frame over ground swimming pool to spend a good time through your family members in the summer.


When buying a product girlfriend should consider the price, the same goes for the pool. Fortunately, the Intex pool is less expensive so you can conveniently afford this pool for your family.

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Final words

We’ve reviewed the Intex 10×30 metal structure pool because that you, and we’ve extended the an essential features that this swimming pool so the it have the right to be less complicated for you to select the best above ground swimming pool for you. There room pretty many reasons to buy this – it is durable, basic to assemble, simple to clean, and also less expensive. So walk to the market and buy the Intex 10×30 metal structure pool because that the next summer.