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2017 has come and also gone and also so v it has actually the life expectancy of your present motor vehicle. When 2018 also gives promise to a new year that prosperity, gas price are ongoing to continue to be a consistent and endure highs and also lows. Well, if you’re make the efforts to obtain the ideal bang for your buck v a new car or truck but are fully intent on do the tank that hold your fuel a priority, you’ve concerned the appropriate place. Take it a look at few of the top-selling dare in the United states this year and also what their fuel capacity is.

Hyundai Elantra/MPG: 32 City, 40 Highway/Tank Capacity: 14 gallons

The redesigned Hyundai Elantra to be the best-selling car in Hyundai’s lineup this year v an estimated 198,210 systems sold across the country. Due to its reasonable affordability, it was among the many popular automobile purchases in the month that December.

Ford Fusion/MPG: 23 City, 34 Highway/Tank Capacity: 16.5 come 17.5 gallons

Since the Fusion’s inception right into Ford’s passenger automobile fleet in 2012, the sleek sedan has actually been a favorite for those who want to journey a James Bond-esque vehicle but room on a bit of a budget. The subtle style changes come the interior lead to a strong first half that the year because that the company’s sale of the vehicle.

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Toyota Highlander/MPG: 21 City, 27 Highway/Tank Capacity: 19 gallons

The seven-passenger crossover car sold simply over 215 thousand units in the budget year, this contains the Highlander Hybrid variation that includes an electrical drive motor generator and also a 3.5 together V6 engine.

GMC Sierra 1500/MPG: 18 City, 24 Highway/Tank Capacity: 26 come 34 gallons

The full-size Sierra enhanced its sales number native the vault year by around 14%, early in large part come the brand-new 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay capabilities. This truck’s fuel volume is based on whether or no customers desire to purchase the typical or lengthy box models, v the latter having actually the enlarge fuel tank.

Nissan Sentra/MPG: 29 City, 37 Highway/Tank Capacity: 13 gallons

With 218,451 devices sold, the 35-year-old Sentra, that is in its saturday generation, exceeding expectations and also lead Nissans fleet in sales because that 2017. The automatic emergency braking to be such a hit the it will certainly be typical in all automatic Sentras moving forward.

Jeep cool Cherokee/MPG: 19 City, 26 Highway/Tank Capacity: 25 gallons

Jeep’s flagship ride, the cool Cherokee, assist give the company a effective 2017 that featured their finest sales the the car since 2000. The off-road vehicle, finish with four-wheel journey systems and trim levels sold an estimated 241 thousand units this year.

Nissan Altima/MPG: 27 City, 38 Highway/Tank Capacity: 18 gallons

While the Nissan gets an excellent mileage every gallon, and has an enormous gas tank, the sedan have experienced a decrease in sales end the last couple of years, early out in-large component to the cousin, the Nissan Rogue, and also its warm streak.

Ford Explorer/MPG: 19 City, 27 Highway/Tank Capacity: 19 gallons

As always, this Ford SUV continues to be a steady member of the best-selling perform every year since 2005. Right now boasting pair EcoBoost engines, the explorer sold 271,131 systems in 2017’s budget year. One could imagine the its appeal because that cross-country travel assisted in those sales.

Honda Accord/MPG: 30 City, 38 Highway/Tank Capacity: 15 gallons

Even though the all-new Accord was much better than former generations in every way, sales decreased after initial release, and also even underscored in the month that December, leading to a 6.5% drop-off from critical year, despite boasting the fuel efficiency and turbocharged 252-horsepower engine.

Honda Civic/MPG: 32 City, 42 Highway/Tank Capacity: 12 gallons

Like the cousin, the Accord, the Honda public had an up and also down year, wherein it ended up losing its title together the best-selling automobile in America. Yet judge this vehicle not by the dimension of its gas tank, yet by the length of the journeys you’ll have while only having actually to protect against for gas a portion of the time as her neighbor.

Toyota Camry/MPG: 29 City, 41 Highway/Tank Capacity: 14.5 to 16 gallons

For the critical fifteen years (including 2017) the Toyota Camry has actually been the best-selling passenger auto in the unified States. This eighth-generation car is reduced to the ground because that a smoother ride, offers more comprehensive seating and has a fuel volume of around 15 gallons—add this reality with a highway usage of 41 mile to the gallon and also it’s no wonder that is one of America’s sedans the choice.

Dodge ram 1500 Truck/MPG: 20 City, 28 Highway/Tank Capacity: 26 come 32 gallons

In 2017, Dodge’s ram Truck (1500) marketed a whopping 500 thousands units. This full-size pickup truck come in all shapes and sizes, and also Dodge knows exactly how to use that to your advantage. While number were under slightly before Christmas, the is the second year in a heat that the car has posted an excellent numbers.

Chevrolet Silverado/MPG: 18 City, 24 Highway/Tank Capacity: 26 to 34 gallons

Despite gift the 2nd best-selling automobile of 2017, the Chevy Silverado had actually a quarter increase in its last month of 2017, which helped it achieve nearly 586 thousands units. As is with many pickups, the Silverado is obtainable in several different configurations and editions that market varying size in cab and trim-levels. The Silverado improved its sales because that the 2nd year in a row.

Ford F-Series van (150,250,350)/MPG: 20 City, 26 Highway/Tank Capacity: 23 to 36 gallons

Ford’s F-Series Truck heat is about as American as it gets. The pickup has actually been the best-selling vehicle for virtually four decades and also outsold the Silverado by a tiny over 300 thousands units. The innovative features and technology, superior towing capacity of 8,000 pounds because that a non-heavy-duty pickup, and also spacious cabin and also bed.

These are several of the best-selling dare in the United says in 2017 because that a reason, but one constant factor is what their fuel tank deserve to hold and how lengthy that tank can make castle last. If you’re in the market for a brand-new vehicle one of these will surely do the trick.

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