An eighth is the simple unit the measurement when it comes to buying and selling weed. But how much does one eighth the weed weigh?


If girlfriend ever plan on purchase weed, you should know how to answer the question: exactly how much walk an eighth of weed weigh? In fact, among the most fundamental things you require to understand is how weed is measured.

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And one of the most necessary measurements you need to know is an “eighth.” yet what specifically is an eighth? and how much does one eighth that weed weigh? This overview will rest it all under so you have the right to navigate the civilization of weed favor a pro.

What Is an Eighth?


For starters, you require to recognize that in the U.S., weed measurements often bounce ago and forth in between imperial (ounces, pounds, etc.) and also metric (grams, kilograms, etc.).

This can sometimes do it it seems ~ a bit much more confusing than it yes, really is. But don’t worry, over there are just a couple of things you really need to know.

Let’s begin at the beginning: What is one eighth? one eighth is 1/8 of one ounce. This is an important because even if it is you’re buying from a dealer or a dispensary, one eighth is among the most typical units in i m sorry weed is packaged and sold.

Things acquire a tiny more facility because girlfriend will periodically hear people talk around weed in metric units. Typically, if that happens, it will be people talking around grams that weed.

Technically, there space 28.3495 grams in one ounce. Because an eighth is 1/8 of one ounce, you have to divide 28.3495 through 8 to watch how many grams room in one eighth. Once you perform that, you’ll check out that one eighth the weed is the very same as 3.54688 grams of weed.

Since that’s together an awkward, clunky number, most sellers round it down to a nice even 3.5 grams. In this sense, weed measurements are a tiny bit different than a pure and strict measurement.

To put it simply, every you require to recognize is the there space 3.5 grams in one eighth. Using this streamlined number likewise helps if you ever need to number out how countless grams room in an oz of weed. If we’re saying there space 3.5 grams in one eighth, climate that way there space 28 grams that herb in an ounce.

Here’s the complete breakdown:

An eighth = 1/8 ounce = 3.5 grams8 eighths = 1 oz = 28 grams

How much Does one Eighth of Weed Weigh?


At this point, friend should have actually a basic idea of what human being mean when they’re talking about an eighth or a gram. However how much does an eighth of weed weigh if we were to really break it under in regards to actual weight?

The easiest method to gain into every this is to compare an eighth to a lb since, because that most people in the U.S., a lb is the most acquainted unit that weight.

An eighth is the tantamount of 1/8 of one ounce. There space 16 ounces in one pound. For this reason if we bring it all the way across, the looks prefer this:

8 eighths = 1 ounce1 lb = 128 eighths

If girlfriend really desire to get into every the details, you can translate all this end to metric together well. The conversion looks like this:

An eighth = 3.5 grams1 ounce = 8 eighths = 28 grams1 lb = 16 ounces = 448 grams

Remember that these counter aren’t technically precise. Once it comes to measuring weed, most world just round points down to do it easier.

How lot Weed Is in an Eighth?


Understanding these basic units and conversions is great, however it tho does no really tell you anything about how much weed you’re actually gaining when friend buy one eighth.

Obviously, the answer relies on whether you’re a irradiate or heavy cannabis consumer. For example, if you’re a irradiate or rarely often rare smoker, climate an eighth will certainly go much additional for you than it would certainly for a heavy, day-to-day consumer.

But to offer you a more concrete feeling of just how much weed is in one eighth, let’s think in terms of how many joints have the right to be rolled with an eighth.

One study discovered that the median joint includes 0.66 grams the weed. Another study claimed that number was too high. This study concluded the the typical joint weighs roughly 0.32 grams.

Taking castle both together, the average joint weighs around 0.5 grams. That way that you should be able to get 7 average-sized joints out of one eighth that weed.

The last method to break every this under is in terms of dollars and cents. Again, us can’t come increase with specific figures for this, since prices adjust over time and vary based on where you’re at and what quality you’re buying.

With that said, you have the right to expect a gram to price somewhere around $12.00-$15.00. That method that an eighth that decent-quality herb will expense somewhere in the ar of $40.00-$50.00.

Here’s the complete breakdown:

An eighth = 1/8 ounce = 7 joints = $40.00-$50.00A 4 minutes 1 = 1/4 ounce = 14 joints = $80.00-$100.00A half = 1/2 ounce = 28 joints = $160.00-$200.00An ounce = 8 eighths = 56 joints = $320.00-$400.00

In reality, though, prices will certainly drop the much more you purchase. In many places, an ounce of bud will most likely run closer come the $230.00-$350.00 neighborhood.

Final Hit: how Much does an Eighth that Weed Weigh

This overview covered all the ins and outs of the most basic weed measurements. Yet at the finish of the day, one eighth is the most crucial thing you need to understand about.

And the best means to number out how much weed is in an eighth, and also how lengthy an eighth large you, is come burn with a few.

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At that point, girlfriend will have the ability to give the best possible answer to the question: just how much walk an eighth the weed weigh?

Beyond that, your personal experience will teach you exactly how long an eighth will last you, how much you have to buy in ~ a time, and how frequently you must reload.