wherein The Hobbit's Dwarves Are throughout Lord of The rings (Are any kind of Alive?) The Hobbit complies with Bilbo Baggins and also a agency of dwarves, but while Bilbo returns in lord of the Rings, the dwarves don"t. Where are they?

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Where are Thorin Oakenshield"s dwarves during The mr of the Rings? released in 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien"s The Hobbit introduce Bilbo Baggins and his way old wizard friend, Gandalf. The sheltered Bilbo is recruited through a firm of thirteen dwarves hoping against all odds to steal their treasure back from the watchful stare of Smaug the dragon. Spending end a year on the road, Bilbo grows extremely close come his sturdy new companions, but while the well-traveled hobbit returns in Tolkien"s The mr of the Rings, the dwarves the befriended are more or less totally absent.

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Taking ar 60 years later, The mr of the Rings clues Middle-earth"s last stand versus Sauron, together diverse races come together and face the Dark Lord. The trilogy"s dwarf contingent, however, is composed predominantly of Gimli alone. Surly and also distrustful at very first (especially towards the Fellowship"s resides elf), Gimli becomes an ext cultured during his journey, fighting valiantly for Frodo and striking up an i can not qualify friendship with Legolas the lasts many years into the future. Given their history through Bilbo Baggins, it might seem odd that none of The Hobbit"s dwarves loan Frodo a hand in The mr of the Rings. Where are they, and also why room dwarves in general so scarce throughout Tolkien"s trilogy?

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Of course, not every one of Bilbo"s dwarf pals escape The Hobbit lively - Thorin Oakenshield, Fíli and also Kíli all perish during the climactic fight of 5 Armies. Although they survive The Hobbit, Óin, Balin and also Ori all die prior to The lord of the Rings, when a swarm is sent indigenous Erebor to reclaim the Mines that Moria. Óin is killed by the Watcher in the Water, Balin is shot by one orc during the last assault, and also Ori provides it to Balin"s Tomb before falling, his corpse featuring briefly in The Fellowship that the Ring. It was Ori who left the written account of this events, i beg your pardon is check out aloud by Gandalf prior to the orcs arrive to problem Frodo & friends.

Johnathan Rhy-Davies in lord of the Rings
This leaves 7 dwarves (not those ones) still alive when The mr of the Rings begins, just one of which actually appears in The mr of the Rings. Gimli"s father, Glóin, accompanies Thorin in The Hobbit, and is later current at the council of Elrond, where it"s made decision that Gimli will travel with Frodo together the dwarves" representative. While Peter Hambleton plays Glóin in The Hobbit, man Rhys-Davies (Gimli"s actor) was standing in because that the personality in The Fellowship the the Ring.

Aside native Glóin, the various other six life dwarves from The Hobbit (Bifur, Bofur, Nori, Dori, Bombur and Dwalin) are mainly unaccounted because that by Tolkien, but fans deserve to make an educated guess together to their movements during The lord of the Rings. Return the dwarves don"t join any of the major battles documented in The mr of the Rings, they"re fighting versus Sauron ~ above a different front, most significantly the battle of Dale. Following simultaneously come Mordor"s assault on Gondor, Sauron sends out his allies to strike the dwarves of Erebor, and both sides experience grievous casualties. The fight keeps both Sauron"s Easterling forces and also the Lone Mountain"s dwarves busy while the more decisive clashes take place elsewhere. The 7 surviving dwarves indigenous Thorin"s agency likely fought during the fight of Dale, or continued to be behind come defend the Lonely Mountain.

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The relative lack of dwarves in The mr of the Rings can it is in attributed come Tolkien"s emphasis on guys as the future of Middle-earth. When the third Age ends and Sauron is defeated, the elves room leaving because that the Undying Lands, and the dwarves are dwindling in number, but the realm of guys grows under Aragorn"s leadership. Elves and also dwarves were both much more active versus Sauron than The mr of the Rings suggests, but the story"s emphasis on "lesser" gyeongju such together men and hobbits means those tales are told elsewhere.