A Liter corresponds to the lot of liquid that fits precisely inside a cube v 1 dm the edge. Due to the fact that the thickness of water is approximately 1 kilogram every liter, this virtually equivalence provides it easy to move from one measurement device to one more (in the situation of water). In other substances, whether fluid or not, the passage from one unit the measurement come another, is feasible only if we understand its density. As a issue of curiosity, know that pour it until it is full a tub to take bath causes that roughly 265 liters the water are consumed, and that a liter of petrol is sufficient to contaminate 700 thousand liters that water!

A Cubic Decimeter corresponds to the volume the a cube with 1 decimeter of edge. By volume, we average the room occupied by a body or the volume it needs to store a certain substance, such together liquids. The cubic decimeter is widely used because of the ease through which this measure is convert to liters. This is due to the fact that 1 cubic decimeter equates to 1 liter, this renders the counter instantaneous. Due to this equivalence between cubic decimeter and also liter, this is the unit that must be offered whenever conversions between these two volume measure up systems space desired.

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Math Formula


Conversion Examples

liter come dm3liter come dm3
1 l = 1 dm³35 together = 35 dm³
2 l = 2 dm³40 l = 40 dm³
3 l = 3 dm³45 l = 45 dm³
4 together = 4 dm³50 together = 50 dm³
5 together = 5 dm³60 l = 60 dm³
10 together = 10 dm³70 l = 70 dm³
15 together = 15 dm³80 together = 80 dm³
20 l = 20 dm³90 l = 90 dm³
25 together = 25 dm³100 l = 100 dm³
30 l = 30 dm³500 together = 500 dm³
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