Displayed listed below are brief descriptions of each committee meeting and also hearing reserved to take location today, and also on work thereafter. The time and also location of every meeting/hearing is identified. Meetings that have been canceled or postponed are also noted.

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Date Time-RoomCommitteeTopic
00000000 AMToday, Dec 04, 2021No committee hearings scheduled
12061800 PMMonday, Dec 06, 20216:00 afternoon – SVC-217Foreign RelationsTo get a closeup of the door briefing on U.S.-Russia policy.
120709:30 AMTuesday, Dec 07, 20219:30 to be – SD-215FinanceSubcommittee on budget Responsibility and Economic GrowthHearings to examine promoting competition, growth, and also privacy protection in the modern technology sector.
120710:00 AMTuesday, Dec 07, 202110:00 am – SD-538Banking, Housing, and also Urban AffairsHearings to research the nominations of Parisa Salehi, that the ar of Columbia, to it is in Inspector General, Export-Import Bank, and also Brian Michael Tomney, of Virginia, to it is in Inspector basic of the Federal real estate Finance Agency.
120710:00 AMTuesday, Dec 07, 202110:00 am – SR-253Commerce, Science, and also TransportationSubcommittee on surface Transportation, Maritime, Freight, and also PortsHearings to examine challenges posed by s shipping supply chains.
120710:00 AMTuesday, Dec 07, 202110:00 am – SD-226JudiciaryHearings to examine closing Guantanamo.
120710:00 AMTuesday, Dec 07, 202110:00 to be – SR-301Rules and AdministrationAn oversight hearing come examine the U.S. Capitol Police adhering to the January sixth attack on the Capitol.
12071400 PMTuesday, Dec 07, 20212:00 pm – SH-219IntelligenceClosed hearings come examine particular intelligence matters.
12071430 PMTuesday, Dec 07, 20212:30 pm – SD-G50/VTCForeign RelationsHearings to examine U.S.-Russia policy.
120810:00 AMWednesday, Dec 08, 202110:00 to be – SD-406Environment and also Public WorksHearings to study S.2372, come amend the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife reconstruction Act to make supplemental funds available for administration of fish and wildlife types of biggest conservation need as established by State fish and wildlife agencies.
12081400 PMWednesday, Dec 08, 20212:00 afternoon – SVC-217IntelligenceTo get a closed briefing on particular intelligence matters.
12081430 PMWednesday, Dec 08, 20212:30 pm – SD-628Indian AffairsAn monitor hearing to study addressing violence in Native areas through VAWA title IX one-of-a-kind jurisdiction.
12081430 PMWednesday, Dec 08, 20212:30 pm – SR-253Commerce, Science, and also TransportationSubcommittee on consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data SecurityHearings come examine protecting kids online, concentrating on Instagram and reforms for young users.
12081430 PMWednesday, Dec 08, 20212:30 afternoon – SD-G50/VTCForeign RelationsHearings to examine the future the U.S. Policy on Taiwan.
12081500 PMWednesday, Dec 08, 20213:00 pm – SR-418Veterans" AffairsHearings to research the nomination of kurt D. DelBene, that Washington, to it is in an Assistant Secretary of Veterans work (Information and also Technology).
120909:00 AMThursday, Dec 09, 20219:00 am – SD-226JudiciaryBusiness conference to consider S.2614, to provide for the modernization that electronic instance management systems.
120909:30 AMThursday, Dec 09, 20219:30 am – SD-562AgingHearings to examine financial literacy, concentrating on addressing the distinctive just-in-time decisions older Americans and people through disabilities face.
120910:00 AMThursday, Dec 09, 202110:00 to be – SD-538Banking, Housing, and also Urban AffairsHearings to examine disaster restore assistance, concentrating on authorization the the Community development Block provide ¿ disaster Recovery Program.
120910:00 AMThursday, Dec 09, 202110:00 to be – SR-253Commerce, Science, and TransportationSubcommittee ~ above Communications, Media, and BroadbandHearings come examine disrupting attention algorithms, focusing on addressing the hurts of persuasive technology.
120910:15 AMThursday, Dec 09, 202110:15 am – SD-342/VTCHomeland Security and also Governmental AffairsHearings to examine Federal efforts to address PFAS contamination.

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