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how many youngsters did noah have?

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Lawrie Yinka

kennith burkett preacher,teacher & 40yr. Student of the bible,

Noah"s household details are recorded in Genesis 6:10 and also 9:18. In the 10th chapter of Genesis, is given the generations the his sons, There perhaps something more written in the other books, however I do not think so. Noah had actually 3 sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth. December 21 2014 • 0 responses • vote Up • re-superstructure • Report

Tim Collinson Tim Collinson

Noah had actually three young Shem, Ham and Japheth. Along with his wife and the wives that his 3 sons, it was these eight who were saved in the flood.I could include how each son was the forefather of different nations, how throughShem we obtain Semite, the Jews..etc. Yet this this is for an additional question. December 21 2014 • 0 responses • vote Up • re-superstructure • Report

Andrew Osakue Ex: chief T. Officer, Fish Farmer, bible Teacher, males Leader

Noah had actually three children. This can uncovered in GEN 6:9-10 These room the generations the Noah. Noah was a righteous male blameless in his generation. Young name walked with God. And Noah had actually three sons, Ham, Japheth and also Shem.Noah, his 3 sons and also their wives, Noah"s mam were the eight persons who made it through the flood and the sons space the progenitors of mankind after ~ the flood that wiped the end the an initial world. GEN 7:13. Indigenous the 3 sons of young name the generation that the present world emanated. GEN 9:18-19. A cautious study will certainly lead you to understand who your particular forefather is after the flood due to the fact that there are just three of them. December 21 2014 • 0 responses • vote Up • re-superstructure • Report

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