Spaghetti squash is pale cream color or yellow, about 23 centimeter (9 inches) long and 13 cm (5 inches) thick. That flesh comes apart in strands that look choose spaghetti. Many recipes will have you cook it, “strand it”, then usage the strands along with other ingredient in a recipe.

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Though that is a Winter Squash, that is harvested and eaten before fully mature.

The squash is ready to harvest as soon as the skin turns gold or dark yellow, around 70 to 115 days from seed, relying on where they room grown. The covering of the squash need to be difficult so that you can’t press a fingernail into it, and the stem must be shrivelled and brown.

Ripeness that spaghetti squash

If you are forced to pick a spaghetti squash while quiet green because the cultivation season has ended, you can let it finish ripening indoors.

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