Knowing how countless crickets to feeding a bearded dragon is incredibly crucial if you arrangement on owning one as a pet. Crickets will be a major part of your diet, therefore you need to be acquainted with the appropriate quantity!

But that a tiny trickier than you might think.

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The variety of crickets you have to feed her bearded dragon will readjust over time. Their demands as a baby, juvenile, and adult space all different!

Luckily, we’ve covered everything in this guide.

How numerous Crickets should You feed A infant Bearded Dragon?

From birth till 3 months of age, your bearded dragon is taken into consideration a baby. Just like babies in various other species, baby bearded dragons will certainly need an ext frequent feedings transparent the work in stimulate to maintain their health, maximize their lifespan, and also grow large and strong.

It’s crucial to allow your infant dragon to take it in as plenty of crickets together it can throughout each feeding session.


There need to be 5 different feeding sessions per day the last about 5 come 10 minutes. Never force your dragon to eat, and also do have enough crickets ~ above hand prior to you begin.

If you want to acquire really sophisticated you can estimate the variety of crickets by to express feeding charts that element in age, size, health, and so forth.

To provide a general range, infant bearded dragons might eat in between 25 and 80 crickets in just one day. together these lizards proceed to grow, they’ll need fewer crickets and will begin to transition to more greens in their diet later.

How many Crickets must You feed An Adult?

If you a bearded dragon owner, you’ll need to understand how countless crickets to feeding your small reptile friend! through crickets being such vital part of your diet (more on the later), it’s among the most necessary foods come understand.

Adult moustache dragons should eat a diet that 80% greens and also 20% proteins. And also when castle younger, these lizards should acquire most of your protein from insects (with most of this comes from live crickets).

Bearded dragon owners should offer full-grown adult bearded dragons around 10 crickets per day, or 20 crickets every other day. The crickets must be offered in one feeding session per day the lasts between 10 and also 15 minutes.

There are some criteria to consider when determining what, when, and how lengthy an owner need to let your bearded girlfriend chow down on crunchy crickets. This important determinants to consider include:

The period of the beardieTheir as whole healthWhether a female bearded dragon is gravid or notThe resource of the live cricketsWhether greens or other proteins favor Dubia roaches or worms are being consumed as well

Bearded dragons must be allowed to eat as much as castle desire during each feeding session especially when really young. Gradually, the 5 times a day feedings of infant bearded dragons will certainly be cut earlier some to about 2 to 3 feedings every day as the beardies become juveniles around at 3 come 8 months of age.

Eventually, this reptiles will build into full-grown adult that will certainly eat significantly less 보다 before. That’s since they’re pretty lot done growing once they hit around 18 month of age.

Expert Tip: some bearded dragon experts feed their pets crickets every various other day or every third day after the dragons become adults. This is where things become much more situational based on your knowledge of your appetite.

How big Should The Crickets Be?

Unlike a dog, moustache dragons will certainly not overeat even if you leave out sufficient food to last the entire day. Interestingly enough, the cricket’s dimension that girlfriend feed your baby moustache friend must be smaller sized than the crickets that a fully grown dragon need to be eating.

This makes feeding them fairly easy!

Expert Tip: also though a moustache dragon is unlikely to overeat, they’ll still have trouble is they ingest crickets that are too large for them to safely eat. This is since the sharp frameworks that do of the human body of the cricket can come to be stuck inside the beardie, causing painful impaction of the cradle tract that may an outcome in serious inner problems.

A good rule of ignorance is to only use crickets that room no bigger 보다 the space measurement between a mustache dragon’s eyes. adhering to this dominion makes it basic to keep your pet lizard out of harm’s way!

What around Juveniles?

When bearded dragon are between 3 months and also 8 months of age, they space usually considered a juvenile. Throughout this time, her dragon will proceed to thrive in a fast fashion (although it will certainly be a bit slower 보다 their an initial 3 month of growth).

When her beardie i do not care a juvenile, it’s essential to proceed feeding them crickets because that protein. However, you’ll want to fall the number of feeding sessions down to 3 times a day.

Expert Tip: This equates to roughly 25 to 50 crickets every day. Continue to permit them come eat as lot as they want throughout each feeding, and keep every feeding session roughly 5 to 10 minute long.

After your juvenile mustache dragon reaches about 9 month of age, castle are considered to it is in older juveniles (but no yet adults). Part pet owners jokingly refer to their dragon as adolescents at this age!

When her beardie will this period range, fall the cricket feeding times under to 2 time a day rather than 3. Together they approach the period of 14 months, you’ll start to introduce much more greens into the pet’s diet.

This will start the transitional duration of enhancing the number of greens compared to how plenty of crickets they eat. You’ll proceed this till they have reached a standard adult diet. Remember the adult moustache dragons should eat 80% of their diet as greens and also only 20% of their diet must be proteins favor crickets or roaches.

How Age impacts How many Crickets they Eat

Owners that bearded dragon should have a an easy idea of how countless crickets to feed their small pets together they prosper older.

As we stated earlier, it’s best to no limit how countless crickets lock eat specifically when they’re taken into consideration babies (in their first three month of life). Mustache dragons will certainly not overeat, so that is not crucial (and deserve to actually be dangerous) to shot to pressure them come eat much more or much less than they seem come want.

As her favorite reptilian friend becomes older, the variety of cricket feedings per day will slowly decrease. After around 14 months of age, shorten the twice-daily feeding sessions in time. Because that example, in ~ 13 to 14 months, give your bearded just 5 minute to eat fairly than the 10 minute they were given earlier.

The prestige Of Feeding Them living Crickets

Individuals wanting to very own a bearded dragon should take the moment to recognize the need for live crickets rather than dead insects.

In short, never ever feed her bearded dragon dead crickets or various other dead insects. This also means it’s crucial to stop leaving any uneaten parts of the crickets within of her beardie’s tank once the feeding conference is complete.

Reptiles, consisting of bearded dragons, will normally want to eat some dead crickets depending on how lot the insect body has decomposed in the elements. The difficulty is your beardie can become really ill if lock eat crickets that have begun decomposing.

The easy way to stop this is by never ever leaving dead crickets inside your bearded dragon’s habitat. The will protect against this serious worry from arising in the an initial place.

Also, remove any kind of uneaten greens, as they too will begin to wilt and also become contaminated through bacteria or mold the can harm your pet’s health and also make the dragon sick and unhappy. Act this together an extension of your typical spot-cleaning duties together an owner!

Why Crickets space Such vital Part Of their Diet

In the wild, bearded dragons invest their day hunting for to dance insects prefer crickets. Crickets have tendency to catch the attention of adjacent beardies once they hop native one spot to an additional (they aren’t very stealthy).

Like other predators, her bearded dragon will gain chasing, stalking, and chowing under on your cricket prey. Crickets are not only a healthy source of protein, yet they’re additionally a an excellent source that enrichment for bearded dragon in captivity. Chasing them approximately gives her reptile sufficient exercise to continue to be in great health.

Expert Tip: Crickets, choose some other insects, have the potential to carry harmful parasites that might infect your pet lizard. This is why the so necessary to purchase your crickets native a reliable and trustworthy seller.

What’s interesting is the insects like Dubia roaches room actually less likely to lug parasites, room cleaner 보다 crickets, and also contain an ext protein in a smaller sized portion.

So why the love for crickets?

The price is simple: bearded dragon owners regularly prefer crickets as they are much more readily obtainable and often tend to be much less expensive 보다 other types of protein-heavy food options. In general, crickets are a safe bet for bearded dragon as lengthy as the owner is aware of the slight dangers for parasite associated issues.

You can likewise increase just how much nutrition your bearded dragon gets when they eat crickets by tenderness dusting these insects with powdered minerals favor calcium and vitamins prior to feeding time.

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There space a variety of other protein food choices for mustache dragons as well. These include specific super worms that offer fairly a many nutritional value. These deserve to be good to include if you want to lug a little extra range into their diet.