Want to roast garlic at home? Learn just how to roast garlic to make a delicious spread out or to add to your favorite recipes!

I an initial learned how to roast garlic at a friend"s home in college. I was spending the weekend v her family, and also they served a really elegant enjoy the meal on your patio. There was crusty French bread. Yay! and there to be roasted garlic bulbs hanging the end in aluminum foil, simply hanging the end on the table. Um, what?


I was notified that I essential to squeeze out a roasted clove on the bread and also just eat it. No wanting to appear the country bumpkin that ns was in ~ the time, I just went ahead and did it. I intended to taste the taste of sharp raw garlic. Nope! It was delicious.

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What does roasted garlic taste like?

Roasted garlic is mellow garlic. It"s sweeter, but still supervisor fragrant. Well roasted garlic should spread just like butter! It will certainly be soft and also creamy.

Because the its remarkable flavor, roasted garlic is great addition to virtually any cooking recipes that requires garlic! ns love to use it:

as a spread on toasted breadas a butter replacement (or addition) because that baked potatoesin your favorite marinara or cream sauce recipe

How many Cloves are in a Head the Garlic?

The typical head that garlic has actually 11-12 cloves in it. But, this largely depends ~ above the size of the garlic bulb!

When to plan how plenty of garlic heads to roast for your recipes, you have the right to use the complying with assumptions:

1 head the garlic equals about 4 tablespoons the minced, new garlic1 clove the garlic equals around 1.5 teaspoon of minced new garlic OR ½ teaspoon garlic powder

People who said we"d never use math in actual life weren"t cooks, am i right! 🙂

How come Roast Garlic in ~ Home

Garlic is ideal roasted in ~ a low-moderate temperature, ns recommend 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

First, clean your garlic by removing the paper-like skin from the garlic head, leaving cloves attached. Then, reduced ⅓ customs from the optimal of the bulb, top top the stem side, exposing the peak of the cloves.

Then, to water olive oil end the optimal of the cloves. Wrap every garlic head strictly in aluminum foil and also place ~ above a rimmed baking sheet.

Bake for a tiny less 보다 an hour, or until the cloves room soft and also tender.

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Roasted garlic can be stored whole in the frozen fridge sealed in an airtight container. Girlfriend can also squeeze the cloves the end after baking and also store the exact same way. This makes it much less complicated to usage the roasted garlic ~ above demand.