I ran the numbers on Chandler's claim that he smoked 3 cartons in 2 days.

When Chandler comes residence to Monica during The One with Phoebe’s date of birth Dinner (S09E05) he claims the following quote:

Monica: Did girlfriend smoke?

Chandler: Yes. Yet I just had one. Two. 2 tiny cigarettes. Okay, five! A pack. Two pack - a carton. Three huge fat cartons in two days!

Being a friend addict and a mathematics nerd led me to operation the numbers on this claim.

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We can very first assume that the typical carton has 200 cigarettes each. There are an median of 10 packs per carton, commonly 20 cigarettes every pack, and an median 200 cigarettes per carton… this way Chandler is express a total of 600 cigarettes in his original quote. Ns surprised Phoebe & Monica didn’t smell him native down the street.

20 cigarettes 10 packsx 3 cartons---------------------- 600 cigarettes full Time for some time. The moment it takes come smoke a cigarette seems to vary wildly by the website, and much the the numbers seem to it is in anecdotal evidence. This graph which references the American Cancer culture says 6 minutes and also 20 seconds per cigarette, therefore for now we’ll go through that figure for now.

Next let’s assume that Chandler is sleeping for an median of 7.5 hrs per evening, since this study argues that 7 hours and also 50 minute is average, but that to be so 2015 that us. Ns rounded down, due to the fact that reasons. This would typical that Chandler is awake because that 16.5 hrs per day, or 33 complete hours referenced in his original quote (if the was smoking cigarettes from the minute he woke up in the morning to the minute he dropped asleep, i m sorry is more than likely a fire hazard).

600 cigarettes÷ 33 hours awake---------------------------- 18.18 cigarettes per hour 60 minutes÷ 18.18 cigarettes every hour------------------------------ 3.3 minutes every cigaretteTherefore, Chandler would certainly have had actually to smoke much more than 18 cigarettes per hour, or one cigarette about every 3.3 minutes. This (oddly enough) way that if according to our assertion that each cigarette takes 6.33 minutes to smoke, he would have had to smoke two cigarettes at a time because that THE whole TIME HE was in TULSA come fit lock all within of 2 days.

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Maybe if that didn't sleep as much at every he might have packed them all in, yet still...