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ESPN"s 10-part documentary, "The last Dance," concludes Sunday, chronicling the Chicago Bulls" dynasty in the 1990s and detailing the franchise"s NBA championship runs v Michael Jordan.

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How plenty of NBA championships did Michael Jordan win?

Jordan led the Bulls to six NBA championships indigenous 1991-98. The Bulls won three straight NBA championships indigenous 1991-93 and also three an ext from 1996-98.

Jordan to be the NBA Finals MVP in all six NBA championship runs.

Who go Jordan"s Bulls beat in the NBA Finals?

Here is a look at the NBA Finals runs Jordan led with Chicago

1991 NBA Finals 

Chicago to win the Los Angeles Lakers — led by Magic Johnson — in five games. Jordan averaged 31.2 points per game, 11.4 assists and also 6.6 rebounds in the series – which he highlighted v the iconic "switch hands" layup.

1992 NBA Finals

Chicago beat Portland in six gamings for its second NBA championship. Jordan scored 35 the his 39 point out in game 1 – i beg your pardon is best remembered for "The Shrug." Jordan average 35.8 points, 6.5 assists and 4.8 rebounds for the series.

1993 NBA Finals

Phoenix had actually NBA MVP Charles Barkley, but the Bulls won the collection in six games behind Jordan, who averaged 41 points, 8.5 rebounds and also 6.3 assists because that the series.

1996 NBA Finals

The Bulls winner 72 gamings in the continual season, and also they win Seattle in six games for their fourth NBA championship. Jordan led Chicago through 27.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 4.2 assists. The Bulls clinched the series on Father"s Day, which was especially coherent for Jordan because it was an initial championship because his father James died.

1997 NBA Finals

The Jazz had NBA MVP karl Malone, however the Bulls winner the collection in six gamings behind Jordan, who averaged 32.3 points, seven rebounds and also six assists. This series featured the famous "Flu Game" in video game 5 whereby Jordan score 38 points regardless of battling flu-like symptoms.

1998 NBA Finals

Jordan led the final NBA championship run that is being chronicled in "The critical Dance." Chicago win Utah in six games, and also Jordan closeup of the door the collection in game 6 with "The Shot" over Byron Russell. Jordan averaged 33.5 points, four rebounds and 2.3 assists in the series.

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Could Jordan have much more titles?

Jordan retired after the 1993 season and also missed most of the next two seasons, and the Bulls reached the eastern Conference semifinals each of those 2 seasons. Possibly they make a deeper run through Jordan and also face the Houston Rockets – who won back-to-back NBA championships in those two seasons.

The Bulls additionally reached the eastern Conference finals in 1989 and also 1990 before being eliminated by the ultimate champion Detroit Pistons. Detroit additionally eliminated Chicago in the eastern Conference semifinals in 1988.

Chicago was brushed up in the first round by Boston in 1986 and 1987, and those Celtics groups – led by Larry Bird – got to the NBA Finals.

Those are the groups that stand in the means the most against Jordan in the postseason.

What other championships go Jordan win?

Jordan"s success wasn"t limited to the NBA. That made the game-winning shot in the 1982 NCAA men"s basketball national championship game.

Jordan also won yellow medals in the Olympics through Team USA basketball in 1984 and also 1992.

Jordan is just one of seven basketball football player to win a NCAA championship, yellow medal and NBA championship.The others space Clyde Lovellette, invoice Russell, K.C. Jones, Jerry Lucas, Quinn Buckner and Magic Johnson.

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Which player has actually the many NBA championships?

Boston"s invoice Russell has actually 11 championships, the most of any kind of player in NBA history. 7 of Russell"s teammates in Boston have actually seven or more championships. That list includes Same Jones (10), Tom Heinsohn (9), K.C. Jones (8), Satch Sanders (8), John Havlicek (8), Jim Loscutoff (7) and also Frank Ramsey (7). Bob Cousy won six championships through Boston.

There room only four players in NBA history who didn"t play because that Boston who have at least six championships. Robert Horry won 7 championships with his time through the Rockets, Lakers and Spurs.

Jordan and Scottie Pippen won six with the Bulls, and also Kareem Abdul-Jabbar won 6 championships between Milwaukee and also Los Angeles.

A total of 14 football player have 5 NBA championships, including NBA legends such together Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant.

How does Jordan"s NBA Finals record compare to LeBron?

Jordan compare always lead come LeBron James, who has actually nine NBA Finals appearances and also three NBA championships.

Jordan and also James both have an extensive statistical resumes, but that six-championship trump map gets play the most in the debate.

James had the Lakers in ~ the peak of the west Conference prior to the season was suspended due to the fact that of the outbreak that COVID-19.

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James turns 36 in December. Jordan retired from basketball for an excellent when he to be 40 years old after two periods with the Washington Wizards.