How to review popcorn nutrition brand (Pop mystery Homestyle)? exactly how much fiber is in reality in one complete bag the this? (Nutrition label in description)

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Pop an enig Homestyle Nutrition Label

I'm perplexed here, it states Serving dimension is 2 Tbsp Unpopped and makes 3.5 popped. And also 3 servings. Therefore 1 bag = 10.5 cups? yet who eats popcorn unpopped? So, do I disregard the very first column completely and use the second column?

For calorie in one whole bag, would certainly it be 30 x 10.5 (d/t 3.5 popped x 3) = 315 calories? because we just use the popped column? Is the correct? If we usage the very first column (unpopped) the calories in totality bag turns out in different way = 450? however my thought process is to use the second one together no one eats unpopped kernels. So, what did I simply consume in a entirety bag?

Also would it have any type of dietary fiber? As as soon as it states 2 Tbsp unpopped (first column) it states it has actually 2g of dietary fiber? but on the second column it claims 0% fiber in 1 cup popped. Would that mean there is no fiber in the whole bag when all popped?

Same inquiry for stole (2% DV unpopped vs 0% DV popped)?

Thank you!

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It says serving size is 2 Tbsp. And there are three servings per bag. If you want bag numbers you usage that unpopped tower x 3. The popped column is a 1 cup popped framework of referral for world who measure that way, but each bag is 3 x 3.5 popped 1 cup "servings" an interpretation 10.5 popped cup which throws every the number off because it makes them little enough that they come up against the preeminence of gift able to round down on nutrition labels.

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Thank you! What is the correct means to measure up the nutrition content and calories? I proved 2 ways in my post, i m sorry one is the correct way? would it be the popped and also how around the dietary fiber? since in the unpopped shaft is states 8% while it the popped pillar it claims 0%. Would certainly this mean there is no dietary fiber in the entirety bag?

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