While assorted brands of tough seltzers (and still water!), native White Claw come Truly, have emerged over the last numerous years, one submarine the news critical week: 4 Loko. Specifically, four Loko Sour, a hard seltzer the boasts a 14% alcohol by volume (ABV). That"s equivalent to virtually three macrobrews and about equal come a glass the wine.

But is it any kind of healthier?

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First off, it’s a lot less complicated to drink a seltzer than slam a glass of wine or also a beer, which way more calorie (and an ext booze) goes down your gut faster.

You may think the seltzer is lighter and also that that keeps you much better hydrated 보다 beer or wine. In fact, countless hard seltzer providers lead girlfriend to believe this. However that"s just now exactly how the body works. Alcohol, nevertheless of what it"s paired with, dehydrates you. Period. There"s no health and wellness halo about it.

Speaking the calories, I"d calculation that this specific brand of 4 Loko seltzer, given its ABV, likely contends least 400 calories every 12-ounce can.


That"s a lot, especially given the you"ll likely be drinking this ingredient at summer parties wherein there"s plenty of other avenues to chow down on high-calorie food. (Don"t forget the alcohol lowers her inhibitions and thereby her resistance toward overeating.)

“The average guy needs approximately 2000 calories daily, give or take, relying on their activity. Once one drink itself renders up virtually 1/5 the that—along through having about 3 times the alcohol the most timeless beers—I’d imply you rethink her drink,” says Brierley Horton, a dietitian in Birmingham, AL.

The bottom line: While there’s certainly more to life 보다 calories, when you pair that v the dangerously high level of alcohol in a drink that already is finish with a integrated health halo, I’d to speak stick to far better options.

Chris Mohr, PhD, RDChris Mohr, PhD, RD is the co-owner that Mohr Results, inc (MohrResults.com) a health consulting company

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