Let"s challenge it, America is facing an obesity crisis. Americans have actually created an ext exercise programs, and we have more gym memberships every capita than any kind of other country in the world (some world have an ext than three), however we"re still the many obese nation in the world.

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Health researchers, fitness professionals, and news commentators have actually done their ideal to describe why this could be. Part blame the economy, part blame high food prices, and others reprimand genetics. While this all add to the problem in their own way, there is an additional cause the isn’t typically discussed; americans are conveniently bored.

The fence of life in a country where we are never more than 6 inches from some kind of entertainment means that our fist spans are very low, and it"s tough to stay focused on our goals. It also method that we"re much less most likely to perform any type of practice that we don"t consider to it is in "fun."

The an outcome of this is the fitness trainers space constantly creating new exercise programs the combine both fun and also entertainment v high-intensity cardio. Today people are everywhere martial arts programs, Zumba dancing, gymnastics, mud races, and more.

The latest creation, however, is cardio drumming. Today, we’re going come be taking a look in ~ what specifically this is, and also how you deserve to use it come quickly shed the extra pounds gradually to unveil her summer beach body.

What Is Cardio Drumming?

If you"re an really drummer, you"ll most likely laugh her pants off as soon as you watch what cardio drumming is. It"s honestly nothing like traditional drumming and requires very small skill. All the being said, though, its fun. Yes, really fun, and definitely worth trying the end at the very least once in her life.


The beauty of cardio drumming is that it’s very an easy and needs very tiny equipment. Every you require to acquire started is a pair that drumsticks, a rubber exercise/stretching ball, and also some type of basic to hold the round in location with.

Essentially, you"re simply hitting the rubber sphere with your drumsticks until you obtain tired.

Okay, the wasn’t the ideal description. Over there is a small bit more to it 보다 that. As soon as you get done with a 20-minute cardio drumming session, you will be the end of breath, your arms will be burning, and also your core will feel choose you just did 500 sit-ups.

Pick Some an excellent Music

The an essential to having a successful workout is to pick some rockin’ music. Placed on some old institution Led Zeppelin or Beastie Boys and crank the speaker every the way up. A tune that has actually a quick, heavy, optimistic rhythm will provide you the perfect workout and also keep you going hard the entirety time.

Go front and set up a playlist that will last you 15 - 20 minutes, so girlfriend don"t need to stop and readjust the music in the center of your workout.

Get In Position

Unlike traditional drumming, you’re going to be standing up instead of sit down. Your fully-inflated exercise ball must be placed straight in prior of your and should be waist-high. Together you play her “drum,” you have to be bending slightly end the ball with a right back. This will interact your abs and give friend a genuine full-body workout.

Rock Out and also Shred Fat!

Once you’ve acquired everything collection up, crank up the music and get in position. The score is come drum follow me to the music top top your exercise ball. The harder and faster that you hit the ball, the much more intense her workout will be and the more calories you will do it burn.


There aren’t any specific rules to it, just hit the sphere the same method that you would if you to be finger drumming on your dining room table. The key goal is to have a an excellent time. The an ext into it that you get, the much better of a workout you’ll be able to get indigenous it.

Is It advantageous For genuine Drummers?

Obviously, cardio drumming calls for very small skill. Her grandmother can do it simply as easily as your 2-year-old. The point of cardio no to be expert at it, though. The allude of cardio is to move your body, have fun, shred fat, and build endurance. Cardio drumming succeeds in ~ all four of these.

Is it helpful for real drummers? The prize is a critical yes. If you setup on drumming professionally, you going to need numerous arm strength and also endurance, particularly if you arrangement on play hour-long shows.

Drumming cardio is a great way to develop up this muscles in the type of a quick, high-intensity workout that prepares you for the rigors of long drumming sessions. It’s likewise fun, and also doesn’t make a totality lot of noise, which way that you can do it at nearly all hrs of the night.

How does It stack Up against Actual Drumming?

Your an initial question might be, “does drumming burn calories?”

Any drummer will tell you that drumming itself is an extreme workout. If you not pouring sweat through the end of your drumming session, then you must be play nothing however slow jazz. Yes a factor why the drummers are several of the most ripped and athletic members of the band.

How numerous Calories go Drumming Burn?

According come Livestrong, drumming burns an median of 252 calories every hour. This number is slightly inaccurate, however, as it is just an average.

If you"re simply doing part laid-back drumming, 175 - 250 calories is a an excellent number to plan on. If you"re law some hefty metal or rock drumming, then arrangement on burning upwards the 600 calories every hour if you do it nonstop.

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Final Thoughts

So just how do you get into cardio drumming? If you live in a big city, the possibilities are the you can discover a regional gym that has actually a few cardio drumming classes. However, it"s basic enough that you don"t must go to course (although doing that in a class setup with rather is fun and also competitive).