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Item description states 5 seasonings with a complete of 50 bags. Mine only contained four flavors. Absent the jalapeño which taken place to it is in the one we wanted the most. Also, it took about two weeks to arrive. Expiration date is just one month away. No returns. Sent company an email letting them recognize I to be unhappy with the substitution without notice. Will upgrade my testimonial if they answer in a optimistic manner.

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someday I was introduced to dirty chips, they to be the ideal chips the I had tasted in a while. I actually had the sea salt black color pepper, I believe it"s called and they were so good that i sought to uncover these chips in the stores whereby I lived and also I might not. The left me no an option but come look online and also I found them ~ above and also I to be so happy. I ordered the selection pack looking front to trying various flavors, however what I found out was the ones the I had actually originally tried to be not part of the selection pack. That wasn"t together a poor deal due to the fact that I was able to discover brand-new flavors and my favorite flavor of every in the range pack was the barbecue. The barbecue chips to be so delicious the tastes prefer barbeque chips the means they used to it is in made when I to be a child and they had such a wonderful bold almost Smoky flavor to them it to be delicious. I started to share these chips with other civilization in my office and everyone love them, ns think our least favorite all at once was most likely the regular sea salt they simply didn"t seem to have actually much of a flavor and also actually needed much more salt and then possibly the cake cream and onions, yet I did favor a lot as you recognize the barbecue and likewise the jalapeno i m sorry wasn"t an extremely hot however just kind of had actually a nice subtle heat and then the salt and also vinegar. Would certainly I buy castle again? Yes, but I"m reasoning that I could just buy individual bags on These chips have such a wonderful light crispy texture to them and I don"t recognize if it"s the peanut oil they"re cooking in or simply what, yet they space wonderful, wonderful, wonderful chips. Ns hope you try them.