Floor fans are straightforward to use and also multipurpose. In the summers, the air the they punch helps to keep our bodies cool. They likewise make excellent options when you need to dry an area out. Yet you are wondering, how countless amps do these pan require? In this post, we provide a thorough answer come your inquiry using industry skilled knowledge and research.

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Depending on their size and also construction, floor fans attract anywhere indigenous 0.3 amps to about 3 amps. This far-reaching range corresponds with a big range of power and also price. Usually, friend can discover the amps forced for a certain fan top top the brand or within the sale information. Very strong floor fans will pull even more amps 보다 the range listed here.

Keep reading the rest of this write-up for much more details on the amp draw of floor fans. Us cover the primary form of floor fans, consisting of box fans, stand fans, tower fans, and also industrial ring fans. We additionally cover the definition of amps and volts and how to recognize the electric requirements the the over fans types. Come conclude, we answer several connected questions.


What is an Amp?

Put simply, and also according come this post from Northwestern University, an amp is a measure of how plenty of electrons are flowing through a circuit. In various other words, you have the right to think that amps similar to a car’s horsepower. The much more amps, the an ext instantaneous power an appliance is drawing.

However, understanding the amps alone does not account because that the full story that power. That is to say, to know the actual strength requirements and also cost of running a fan, you need to likewise know the volts and also watts. Be warned; if you attract too numerous amps through a circuit, you might burn out wires or pop a breaker.

What is a Volt?

Put simply; a volt is a measure up of how plenty of amps can easily flow through a circuit at any kind of given time. The an ext volts of power, the simpler it is because that the amps to with the appliance’s electric motor. To usage the over horsepower analogy, think of an ext volts together a more comprehensive roadway the carries more horses. For a an ext detailed description of volts, check out this an interpretation from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Understanding Fan strength Requirements

Generally, domestic power is sold by the watt or kilowatt. Watts are a mix of volts times amps. This way that to calculation the power necessity of a floor fan – you need both the volts and the amps. As soon as you have actually the watt (Volts x Amps = Watts) you deserve to compare the electrical power requirements of various fans.

The higher the watts of a fan, the more it will expense to run and also the more powerful it will blow depending on motor efficiency. Take it note; regularly fans have various settings, which will certainly each usage different total watts. Usually, friend can discover the watts, volts, and/or amps compelled on appliance brand or v the appliance selling information from a internet page or an owner’s manual.

DC Amps vs. AC Amps

While shopping because that floor fans, girlfriend might an alert that some fans use AC power while part fans use DC electricity. Because that the lay user the a fan, this two types are not considerably different. DC fans execute come with converters, which change the outlet strength from AC to DC. In regards to amps, one amp the DC power is the very same as one amp that AC power.

Amp demands of usual Floor pan Types


Often, floor pan are marketed without a label that defines the amps lock require. Because amps is a measure you are came to about, this can be really frustrating. To aid you in her shopping process, we evaluation the common floor fan types and the general amperes that they draw. Us also carry out a particular example of each floor pan type.

Be aware; it is often feasible to find the amps of one appliance v a tiny digging. Also if amps are not detailed specifically, v a small algebra, you have the right to use the equation that Amps x Volts = watts to come at the required amps.

Further, the amp information is often listed on a label affixed straight to the appliance. Unfortuately, the info on that label is not always copied over to net sales pages.

Box Fan

For many, a box fan will be the an initial image the pops into their head as soon as they hear the hatchet floor fan. This is because these fans room cheap come run, cheap come buy, and easy to relocate around. Further, they usually require on the low end of amperage of all of the floor fans questioned here.


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An example of a box pan is the 20-inch version connected above. This fan requires 0.45 amps and also runs ~ above 120 volts for a wattage total of 55. Box fans variety in your amp needs from less than 1 amp and up but generally autumn in the lower finish of the amperage selection for floor fans.

Stand Fans

Stand fans have actually the additional advantage of high stems, which allows them to conveniently blow wait to locations farther indigenous the floor. In addition, was standing fans often come through oscillation options. Since their bases are still usually placed on the floor, these fans qualify together floor fans. Generally, was standing fans usage a couple of more amps than box fans.


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The above stand fan requires 2.5 amps the electricity, which is much much more than the requirements for a box fan. However, many stand fans push many an ext cubic feet that air every minute (CFM) than the typical box fan. The fans which push an ext CFM usually additionally draw a heavier amp load.

Tower Fans

Tower fans space the newest type of floor fans on the market. Your diminutive construction makes them popular for small apartments and other areas with restricted space.


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This was standing fan provided 0.42 amps v 120 volts because that a full wattage that 50. Often, fans such as this one likewise come v remote controls, which permits you to readjust their setup from throughout the room. Many tower fans use approximately 0.5 amps, but an ext powerful execution pull an ext amperage.

Industrial round Fan

These fans room the ticket if friend really need to relocate some air. Uses encompass whole shop/garage cooling or when you have to dry out huge areas. Sometimes builders will use this type of fan to aid paint or other finish dry or to help keep a project site cool.


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Like the stand fan, this fan provides 2.5 amps. Partially since of this higher amperage, this floor pan puts out an ext CFM of air than many of the other fans linked here. This added wind power also comes indigenous the type of motor and the housing design of this form of floor fan. Very powerful and more expensive commercial fans usually pull more amps.

How many amps does a 12-volt fan use?

Different 12-volt fans usually use draw a different variety of amps. However, the small variety of volts (12 volts) also means the total amperage draw is additionally on the low side. Take the fan connected below. This 12-volt fan puts out 8 watts of electricity. Making use of our Volts x Amps = watt equation, we have the right to determine that the fan offered 0.6 amps.


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Does a floor fan use a the majority of electricity?


Generally speaking, floor fans execute not use a far-reaching amount that energy. That being said, the an ext watts your pan draws, the greater the energy price of to run it. Compared to numerous other varieties of appliances, together as strength tools and refrigerators, fans call for a little amount of electrical energy to run.

Does leaving a fan on rubbish electricity?

It depends. If her goal is come cool yourself, leaving a fan on does waste electricity. However, if you are trying come dry out something, leaving a fan on can be just the ticket.

Why you ask, do fans no make the wait cooler if you room not in the room? This is due to the fact that fans are merely pulling warm air indigenous one part of a room to an additional – they execute not change air temperature. In fact, their motors add heat come the air. Instead, the fan air aids in our herbal cooling process of sweating. This is since as much more air moves over her skin faster, an ext heat is lost.

You can read much more about this phenomenon in this short article from exactly how stuff works or in this write-up from HVAC seer around evaporative coolers: 14 varieties Of Evaporative Cooler and Brands to Know.

How much voltage is in a floor fan?

It is most usual for floor pan in the United states to usage 120 volts. However, the voltage deserve to vary based on the certain fan in question. Other relatively common floor fan voltages space 220 volts, 115 volts, and 60 volts. The only means to it is in sure just how much voltage your fan offers is to review the brand or come consult an electrician who deserve to use high-tech equipment.

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How long can you operation a box fan?


Modern crate fans are developed to operation a lengthy time. In fact, you can probably run your box fan for as long as you desire to – the is come say, 24 hours a day and also 7 job a week. That being said, if you operation your fan while you are not in the room, girlfriend are simply wasting electricity and are not providing any cooling.

In Closing

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