Disney parks are everywhere the world, and with many expanding and adding rides and also attractions, plenty of have wondered which Disney park is biggest.

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Here’s what i learned:

Walt Disney human being is technically the largest of any kind of Disney Park at 25,000 complete acres. But, that’s no all rides & attractions as over a 3rd is preservation land. Walking purely off of Disney park attractions,Shanghai Disneyland is the largest at 963 acres compared to WDW’s 580 acres.

But there’s a lot an ext to the story the Disney parks and also size, consisting of what makes up the majority of Walt Disney World’s 25,000 acres, for this reason let’s keep going.

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All Disney parks ranked from biggest to smallest

Here space all 6 Disney parks through (current) size:

Shanghai Disneyland – 963 acresWalt Disney civilization Resort (Orlando, FL) – 580 acres (4 key parks only)Disneyland Paris – 365 acre (Disneyland 85 acres, Europa-Park 235 acres, Astérix Park 45 acres)Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA) – 157 acres (85 acres for Disneyland and 72 for Disney’s California Adventure)Tokyo Disney – 115 acresHong Kong Disneyland – 68 acres

Bear in mind countless of this parks have extr acres not displayed here because that resorts, transportation, and also scenery. So this numbers space for the parks themselves.

Which Disney people park is the biggest?

Within Orlando’s Disney world lies 4 individual parks (plus 2 water parks).

Those 4 parks that consist of Disney civilization are:

The Magic KingdomEpcot facility (technically the “center” was dropped in 1996)Animal KindomHollywood Studios

The greatest of the 4 parks is animal Kingdom coming in in ~ 580 acres. Next, we have actually Epcot at 300 acres.

Hollywood Studios, residence to the new Star Wars: Galaxy’s leaf section, comes in in ~ 135 acres.

Rounding the end the 4 parks, the Magic Kingdom is 107 acres. This is the classic park the most very closely resembles the main park at Disneyland.

So animal Kingdom is, by far, the largest park in ~ Disney World.

Where are all the Disney parks located?

Of course, Walt Disney began with Disneyland in Anaheim California, which opened on July 17, 1955.

But while the was the only park Walt obtained to see open up to the public, they’ve unable to do on to produce 5 other key parks, many of which commonly has 2 or much more parks in ~ them.

The main Disney parks are:

Walt Disney world (Orlando, FL) – includes the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Disney’s animal Kingdom)Disneyland Resort (Anaheim, CA) – includes Disneyland and also California AdventureDisneyland Paris – includes Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios ParkTokyo Disney – has Tokyo Disneyland and also Tokyo DisneySea)Hong Kong DisneylandShanghai Disney

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How huge is the Magic Kingdom?

The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres. And also yes, it’s bigger than Disneyland which is only 85 acres.

Within the Magic Kingdom room 6 lands, or sections. Those are as follows:

Main Street, U.S.A. (the entrance)Adventureland (home come the Pirates of the Caribbean)Frontierland (home of Splash Mountain and the huge Thunder mountain Railroad)Liberty Square (home of the Haunted Mansion)Fantasyland (home come Peter Pan’s Flight and It’s a little World)Tomorrowland (home of space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear’s room Ranger Spin)

At the facility of the park is Cinderella’s Castle and then every land or ar branches turn off from that. The Walt Disney world Railroad encircles the whole park and also is a great way to gain a look in ~ the park as a whole.

Which Disney park is the smallest?

At 68 acres, Hong Kong Disneyland definitely comes in as the the smallest of all Disney parks.

After all, with Walt Disney human being coming in at 580 acres, that renders it almost 9 times bigger than Hong Kong.

So what’s missing at theHong Kong Disneyland?

Well best off the bat, they don’t have actually Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

But here are part other famous Disney rides or attractions that room NOT in Hong Kong:

Turtle Talk with CrushPeter Pan’s FlightBuzz Lightyear Astro BlastersStar ToursHaunted MansionPirates of the Caribbean

Like all other Disney parks, Hong Kong Disneyland has actually themed soil or sections. In this case, they have 7:

Main Street, U.S.A.FantasylandAdventurelandTomorrowlandGrizzly Gulch (like Frontierland)Mystic PointToy Story Land

But castle are expanding in 2021 v the addition of Arendelle: world of Frozen and also the Avengers Campus in 2023, which, together the name implies, is a Marvel-themed area comes to number of Disney parks consisting of Hong Kong.

Is Disney people bigger than Disneyland?

Yes, is the quick answer.

Walt Disney people in Orlando, Flordia is substantially larger than Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

To be specific, Walt Disney civilization is around 580 acres.

Disneyland, by comparison, is just 157 acres including the recently opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge which added second 15 acres.

So all the parks combined, Walt Disney people is nearly 4 times larger than Disneyland.

Which is the finest Disney park in Orlando?

Best is a pretty subjective term.

Walt Disney world in Orlando, Florida is the second Disney park built. When Walt Disney was an extremely much connected in the design of the park, he sadly passed far in December 1966 about 5 years prior to the grand opening that Walt Disney world in 1971.

Walt Disney human being contains 4 key parks (plus 2 waterparks)

The Magic KingdomEpcot center (technically the “center” was dropped in 1996)Animal KindomHollywood Studios

Many civilization love The Magic Kingdom since it’s the many “classic” that the Disney parks v it’s top Cinderella’s lock (Disneyland in California has actually Sleeping Beauty’s castle).

It’s also VERY comparable to the initial Disneyland in California.

Of course, Walt Disney world didn’t open with every 4 parks.

Epcot came second in 1982, Hollywood Studios, then dubbed Disney-MGM Studios template Park opened in 1989, and Animal Kingdom opened up in 1998.

I like pet Kingdom the least and the other 3 are a tie, but with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge inside Hollywood Studios, that may soon end up being the ideal Disney park in Orlando.

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Which park is larger Disneyland or Magic Kingdom?


Disneyland refers to the original park in Anaheim, California.

Not counting California Adventure situated next come Disneyland and also collectively well-known as Disneyland Resort, Disneyland itself comes in at 85 acres.

The Magic Kingdom is a very comparable park located as among the 4 parks in ~ Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres. So, The Magic Kingdom at WDW is a little larger than Disneyland.

Is Magic Kingdom bigger 보다 Epcot?

As I discussed above, The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres.

By comparison, Epcot (once known as Epcot Center) is 300 acres. Thus, Epcot is almost 3 time larger 보다 The Magic Kingdom.

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What is the best Disney Resort?

By Disney resorts, we’re talking hotels and other Disney lodging.

Amazingly, there room 42 Disney resorts worldwide. In regards to which is largest, here are the peak 10:

Disney’s pop Century Resort – 2880 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s Coronado Springs Resort – 2384 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s harbor Orleans resort – Riverside – 2048 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s arts of computer animation Resort – 1984 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s All-Star movie Resort – 1920 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s All-Star sports Resort – 1920 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s All-Star Music Resort – 1604 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s Caribbean beach Resort – 1920 rooms – OrlandoDolphin in ~ Walt Disney World – 1509 rooms – OrlandoDisney’s Saratoga Springs resort & Spa – 1260 rooms – Orlando

Not surprisingly, because the total acres come in at 25,000, every one of these resorts space at Walt Disney civilization in Orlando, Florida.

How big is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Star Wars: Galaxy’s leaf is regularly referred to as Star battles Land.

It opened in Anaheim’s Disneyland in the summer of 2019. And it was followed at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios on respectable 29, 2019.

Both parks are about 14 acres.

In Anaheim, Star Wars; Galaxy’s edge is located just north that Frontierland ~ above the website previously populated by huge Thunder Ranch.

While several rides to be temporarily closed for construction (Tom Sawyer Island, mark Twain Riverboat, etc), all but huge Thunder Ranch have actually reopened.

In WDW, Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge has come to be a big part of Hollywood Studios.

Much of that park’s roadways of America areas were closed consisting of the Honey ns Shrunk the youngsters attraction to make means for the new Star battles adventures.

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How large is Toy Story Land?

Toy Story soil is a park obviously based on the Toy Story movies.

Currently, Toy Story land is part of the complying with Disney parks:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios (part the Walt Disney human being in Orlando)Walt Disney Studios Park (part of Disneyland resort Paris)Hong Kong DisneylandShanghai Disneyland

Thus, currently, Toy Story floor is no in Anaheim California’s Disneyland Resort.

But climate Disneyland does have actually Cars Land situated in California Adventure, which is distinctive to the park (and is awesome!)

Toy Story soil is around 11 acre in Florida’s WDW and is the largest of every the versions of Toy Story land that currently exist.

Which Disney world park is the most popular?

Crowds are vital factor in deciding i beg your pardon Disney park to visit and when to go.

The many visited parks, in order from most to the very least visited, are:

The Magic Kingdom in ~ Walt Disney people in FloridaDisneyland at Disneyland will in CaliforniaTokyo DisneylandToyko DisneySeaDisney’s pet Kingdom in ~ Walt Disney WorldEpcot in ~ Walt Disney WorldShanghai DisneylandDisney’s Hollywood Studios in ~ Walt Disney WorldDisneyland Park in ~ Disneyland ParisDisney California AdventureHong Kong DisneylandWalt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

The Magic Kindom gets the number one point out by having over 20 million visitors a year.

By comparison, Hollywood Studios commonly gets half that many. But of course, that will readjust with the opened of Star Wars: Galaxy’s sheet in 2019.

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Did ns cover everything you want to know around which Disney park is the biggest?

In this post, we started with a an easy question: i beg your pardon Disney park is the biggest?

But then us went a tiny further and examined the size of every the Disney parks and also some of the distinctions within the different parks everywhere the world.

Which Disney park is your favorite?

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