Tasty, moist everyday straightforward meatloaf adapted from a Paula Deen cooking recipes at Food Network. Everybody needs easy dinner recipes. Simply follow these step by step picture instructions.

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My heart can"t take reading most Paula Deen recipes. The medical professional in my just can"t take it it. Yet I gain watching she cook and her personality.

So I want meatloaf and also a Food Network email arrive, and also there to be Paula Deen and her an easy meatloaf, and it looked like I would live v it. But realize there were two threats to mine health. First was cardiac from the normal multiple pole of butter in a Deen recipe. The second was native head trauma once my wife finds out ns made meatloaf v a various recipe. I lived through both.

The initial recipe was for 1 pound. Never will i make a 1 lb meatloaf. We always cook for leftovers. I made this as a double recipe, for this reason the couple of photos are for a dual size, but the conversation is for a one-pound meatloaf.

I modified the seasoning a bit. Ns rounded the end the amounts like ½ cup the onion came to be 1 small onion. Ns recommended bread crumbs instead of oats for much better taste and also find the topping overdone. I also gave much much more detailed instructions to help most house cooks.

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A medium 4. Our is better. We choose our standard Meatloaf better. My wife explained this together eating stuffed peppers (she does like stuffed peppers). Therefore make her choice. Both are good and quick.

♨️What is Meatloaf?

Traditionally, meatloaf was a way to stretch the an ext expensive meat right into a huge family meal. But I favor to think that it as an enhancement of the meat to do something relatively boring into a tasty treat.

There is a bread and usually milk that some form to assist moisture. Over there is the egg to hold it together. Seasonings, consisting of salt, pepper, and onion, are nearly always used. Ketchup or a tomato product of part type. And also in this recipe and also many rather some eco-friendly bell pepper.

Number that ingredients

Meatloaf have to be quick and easy, and also this one qualifies. Many published recipes have up to 16 ingredients. Unbelievable.

This one has actually 8 to add 3 for the topping. Mine has actually 8 total, yet I only top through ketchup. For this reason not lot difference.


The exact food preparation time will differ by her pan and also oven, some yet mostly by thickness. Please check the temperature. This is a soil meat recipe, so because that safety, you need a minimum internal temperature the 165°.

I made the eco-friendly pepper optional due to the fact that it appeared to dominate the odor too much for our taste.

I never ever make a one-pound meatloaf. The is just too great for leftovers. Dual or triple, please.

For years ns "drained" the meatloaf v a turkey baster. It never ever worked really well, for this reason today"s valuable hint is to use an 8-inch spatula and also just background it the end to a plate.

Good refrigerated for 3-4 days and frozen for 3-4 months.

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🖼️Step-by-Step Instructions

NOTE: every discussion and the recipe card are set to a one-pound meatloaf. All images are because that a two-pound meatloaf, i beg your pardon is the smallest I make because leftovers room essential.


Preheat stove to 350° convection or 375° conventional. Mix every ingredients in a big mixing bowl and transfer to a baking dish. Prefer all meatloaf, carry out not end mix.

Mix topping.

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Spread the topping end the meatloaf climate bake for approx 1 hour till an interior temp of 165°.