Wikipedia, in the write-up "The lord of the ring (film series)" puts the to run times at 178, 179 and also 201 minutes for a full of 558 minute or 9 hrs 18 minutes, because that the theatrical versions. My DVDs that the theatrical versions present a slightly shorter running time, in total 23 minute less.For the prolonged Edition DVDs, Wiki offers running time of 208, 226 and 252 minutes for a full of 686 minutes or 11 hours 26 minutes.Interestingly, right here my DVDs display 10 minutes longer, then 12 minutes each shorter, for a network of 14 minute shorter.I when did clock all 3 EEs in sequence on some mad Saturday, maybe in 2005. Besides having to readjust discs - every EE had to be spread over two DVDs - with other "intermissions" of miscellaneous urgency, I more than likely spent something in between 13 and also 14 hrs until I got through.A same warning: I have rarely if ever before felt so worn down as after having gone through this city hall "Ironman Triathlon" (winning times even in Hawaii space now means below also the theatrical version, even the women"s times). This most likely permanently cured me of any kind of "binge watching" because that anything rather - nothing else can hold my attention even remotely to the same level - and I"m not planning a repeat at any time soon, if ever.

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Well, together I stated elsewhere, I simply finished 50 hours of a Kdrama, with much less teeth-grinding 보다 one hour the PJ.I suppose I"ll have to force myself come squirm my method through the EE"s in ~ some suggest -- because that completeness sake.But ns can"t say I"m looking front to it.

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This party was after ~ I"d watched every three films in the cinema (RoTK gift the critical cinema visit of my life come date), watched all three theatrical versions together they appeared on DVD, dito come all three EEs. This might be the moment from which my watching the bonus material (now grandiosely called "appendices in the TH EEs - or even in the LoTR ones?), much longer than the EE films (which were mostly worth that in LoTR, a travesty in TH) came before watching the yes, really films.But together tastes vary: I most likely wouldn"t survive the very first half-hour the anything the I assumed to be a "soap opera" or "telenovela" or everything of the ilk, something remotely polluted by Dallas and Dynasty