If friend haven’t spent lot time approximately soccer, you may have actually a many questions around how the game is structured. One of those questions might be around whether a soccer game has a fifty percent time rest or not. In this article, I desire to plainly explain if soccer has halftime and, if so, exactly how it works.

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Soccer does have actually halftime. A video game of football is split into 2 halves that 45 minutes each with a halftime rest at the finish of the very first 45 minute period. The halftime break lasts because that a total of 15 minutes.

The reason halftime was originally introduced into a soccer game doesn’t actually have actually much relevance to the method the contemporary game of soccer is played. Yet we’ll watch at the in a moment. First, let’s see how halftime works and also what the benefits are to it.

Where Halftime Fits into a football Game

The majority of popular sports incorporate some kind of break throughout the gamings that room played. Part just permit for one break, and also others enable for multiple.

Soccer is one of those sports that splits the video game into two halves v a halftime rest halfway v the game. If you want to understand why football doesn’t use quarters favor some various other sports do, have a look atthis article, I wrote explaining the factors why.

So let’s quickly break down the framework of a football game and see exactly how it looks and where halftime fits in.

Structure of a football game

Every soccer game lasts for a full of 90 minutes of play time. After ~ 45 minutes, or in ~ the halfway allude of the 90 minutes, the referee will avoid the game for a halftime break or interval.

After the halftime break, the referee will certainly restart the game and also the second fifty percent will begin. The second fifty percent of the video game lasts because that the same amount that time as the an initial half – 45 minutes.

After the halftime break, the two teams will swap ends of the field. The team that was play from left to right on the field will now play right to left. And the team the played the very first half from appropriate to left will certainly play the second half from left to right.

Changing ends of the field allows for an element of fairness if the weather conditions, such together wind or short sun, favor the team playing one method rather than the other.

The only time a soccer video game lasts much longer than 90 minutes is if the score of the video game is tied in ~ the end, and also competition requires a winner to be determined.

At this point, the referee will add extra time top top the finish of the game, and also extra time contains a second halftime break.

Halftime throughout extra time

When extra time is included onto a soccer game, it method that secondary 30 minutes of soccer will certainly be played between the two teams.

Although this is a shorter period of play than the first two halves of soccer, a halftime rest is still consisted of during extra time.

After 15 minute of play, the referee will avoid the game for halftime. Once the rest is over, the referee will restart the game, and also the players will play for another 15 minutes.

The length of Halftime in Soccer


So, having established that soccer does have actually halftime, and now you know where the fits into the game, you more than likely want come know how long halftime lasts.

Halftime during a soccer video game lasts because that a maximum of 15 minutes. Only the referee is licensed has been granted to transform the amount of time. The only occasions wherein the length of halftime might be different is throughout a youth football game when the length of the whole game may be shorter.

When it concerns what is meant for halftime in soccer, the rules space clear. The rule of soccer state that:

Players room entitled come an interval at halftime, not exceeding 15 minutes

IFAB legislations of the Game

In the over quote, I have highlighted the reality that the rule say the the halftime break shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes. This means that back the players are entitled to take a complete 15-minute break, the referee might restart the video game sooner than this if both team’s players space on the field and ready come go.

However, I need to say that in my experience, it is very rare because that the referee come restart the game prior to the allocated 15 minutes has actually passed.

If anything, most teams shot and press the time longer if they can! most teams want to take it full advantage of the 15 minutes they room permitted and also enjoy the benefits of halftime that we’ll look in ~ in the following section.

It’s likewise worth noting the the size of halftime throughout extra time is various than the size of halftime throughout the an initial 90 minutes of the game.

During extra time the halftime break should not be any longer 보다 one minute. This rest is intended just to be a short drinks break, and also the referee will certainly restart the game within a minute the the game being stopped.

Length the halftime at high school level soccer

It’s also worth understanding that if you have a boy playing youth soccer, then the size of halftime may be different than the is in ~ adult level.

For instance, at high school level, the length of halftime is commonly 10 minutes. This is since the size of the video game is shorter than it is at an elderly level.

And as soon as you obtain down to soccer at u6 level, then you may uncover that halftime is as quick as a couple of minutes, or they might not even be a halftime break as the size of the whole game is so short.

Either way, the is constantly best to examine with your child’s coach or referee to be sure of what come expect.

Benefits the Halftime


Halftime may be a time because that the football player to stop and also take a break because that a couple of minutes, yet it is additionally so much an ext than that.

There are numerous benefits to the halftime interval throughout a football game.

Allows a team come reset

By the moment a game gets to halftime there is frequently one team in the ascendancy. They might have control of the game and also keeping the ball near their opponent’s goal.

In this situation, the halftime break offers the opposition a possibility to stop the game and also assess what they room doing well and also what requirements to change. This opportunity to reset provides them the opportunity to come out stronger in the second half.

Gives time because that the coach to comment on tactics

Halftime also enables the coach the the team an opportunity to talk about tactics with the players.

Although a coach can shot and connect with the players throughout a game, they can have a far an ext effective conversation once they have the player’s complete attention.

The coach may want to reinforce the techniques that had actually been discussed prior to the game, or they may wish to readjust their tactics in one area that the game,

Halftime allows the team to regroup and refocus top top what they have to do.

Opportunity for hydration and nutrition

Soccer gamings don’t have timeouts. If you desire to understand why have a look at atthis articleI wrote. Yet the consequence of this is that the players have actually minimal possibility to take it on any kind of fluids or nutrition outside of the halftime break.

Playing a game of soccer can place a far-ranging demand on the body. In fact, during a game, a player can produce 5700 kJ (1360 kcal) that energy!This energy use requirements to be changed at some point if a player can keep this topped up climate they will have the ability to perform at optimal levels because that longer.

During halftime, a soccer player will certainly eat a carbohydrate snack. Sporting activities dietitians recommend options such together chopped fruit, granola bars, or committed sports nutrition products such as power bars and also gels in ~ halftime.

Time to assess any kind of potential injuries

Halftime additionally gives time to assess any feasible injuries a player may have.

This interval gives the coaching staff possibility to talk with and also evaluate each player to recognize what is happening and also whether lock have any type of issues lock are pertained to about.

Once a potential injury or strain has actually been identified, the team’s coach deserve to treat the injury and also decided if the player is to the right to proceed or needs to it is in substituted.

This article I wrote about substitutions will provide you every you must know around substitutions in soccer.

History of Halftime in Soccer: Why it Exists

The last thing I want to share here was exactly how soccer even pertained to have a halftime interval.

When soccer first began to become popular, there were a range of different rules provided by teams.

To encourage an facet of fairness to a game, it was chose that as soon as a team played against a team the used various rules, the groups would beat the game following one that the team’s rules for the very first half only. The game would then stop at the halfway suggest and continue following the rule of the other team. 

For a full summary of just how soccer began, have actually a look at at this article, I created on the invention that soccer.

Continuing playing gamings using two different sets of rule did no last because that long. Eventually, one official collection of rules was determined on, and also every team had to follow these rules.


Hopefully, you currently feel you have a far better understanding of just how halftime in soccer works.

If friend are looking for a finish overview of exactly how soccer works inspect outthis simple to understand overview to soccerI newly wrote. It offers you whatever you must know around the game in 21 clear steps.

If you want to recognize soccer positions and numbers, have a look at atthis articleI wrote.

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